Deep Inside

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Book: Deep Inside by Polly Frost Read Free Book Online
Authors: Polly Frost
that this was the church she had always wanted to worship in.
    At first, it didn’t seem like much. A cluster of college kids were giggling amongst themselves. A lesbian couple were arguing about what kind of piercing they should get. A gay couple was discussing leather bondage.
    Maureen saw the woman who ran the place. She was tall and commanding, with the kind of Amazon stature that would have made her unpopular at St. Sebastian. Yet she was one of the most beautiful women Maureen had ever seen.
    The parlor didn’t inspire confidence. It didn’t seem all that clean—there were sex toys hanging on the walls, chains that were slightly rusty and looked used.
    Yet the Amazon was so commanding that Maureen relaxed. And soon, the grunginess of the place gave her a sexual thrill. She led Tom over to a ratty sofa where they awaited their turn. They held hands, whispered, and tongue-kissed.
    Finally the Amazon brusquely walked over to them.
    â€œSo where do you want to get your new holes?” she barked. The woman’s military tones gave Maureen another thrill. The two horny teens staggered up from the couch and followed the Amazon into a back room.
    â€œWe’d like our ears pierced. If you can remember which side isn’t gay,” Tom said.
    â€œOh, that’s so pathetically Ivy League. Let’s go for something more cool,” Maureen said, kissing him. “Let’s get our nipples pierced.”
    The Amazon said matter-of-factly, “His and her nipple piercings? Is that what you want?”
    There was a burst of laughter from behind her. Maureen saw the gay guys looking at them with an appraising, mocking expression. Their look turned her on, especially when she saw Tom looking at them, too, and taking a deep breath.
    Tom leaned close to Maureen.
    â€œShould we do this?” he asked.
    â€œOh, yeah,” she said dreamily.
    â€œIs this going to hurt?” Tom asked, louder than he intended.
    â€œIt sure will, provided I do it right,” the Amazon replied.
    â€œBut don’t you do something to numb the pain?” he asked.
    Maureen looked at him quizzically. Was he embarrassed, or was he aroused?
    The Amazon laughed. “Most of my customers like the pain. But if you need something to help you along…” She strode over to a cupboard, grabbed a bottle of whiskey, and handed it to Tom. “Here, you first.”
    Tom took the whiskey. “Remove your shirt,” the Amazon barked. The gay guys were still playing onlooker.
    They decided that he would have his left nipple done, she the right.
    Maureen was surprised how much she loved watching the woman administer the sharp pain to Tom. His handsome, dumb-jock looks, always so sure of himself—that was part of what made her go after him. And here he was, wincing, gasping, uncertain of where he was going tonight.
    Maureen looked at his crotch. It was bulging even more than it had been back in the car. Her own pussy throbbed, knowing how hot Tom was feeling. She loved the sensation, and loved knowing that she would be next.
    And now it was her turn.
    Tom held out the bottle of whiskey, but she shook her head. “I want the pain,” she said. He gave her a deep kiss and stepped back.
    She removed her T-shirt. As she did, he asked, “Do you want me to close the door to the store?”
    Maureen shook her head as she stood in her black bra. She stared at Tom, and then teasingly glanced past him at a new couple who’d entered the store.
    They had to be in their forties. They were holding up dog collars to each other’s necks and stopped. Maureen knew she was turning them on, could see the man start. The woman licked her lips. Maureen unhooked her bra, and threw it to Tom to catch. She ran her hand over her right breast, and sat down.
    The Amazon took Maureen’s hand off, and roughly took her breast. Their lips were close to each other’s.
    Maureen looked over at Tom defiantly. He

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