Deeper by Blue Ashcroft Read Free Book Online

Book: Deeper by Blue Ashcroft Read Free Book Online
Authors: Blue Ashcroft
the guards actually listening and bustling around to help her set up.
    I’m halfway to a smile when the conversation of the guys in front of me floats back to me.
    “Gimme a month.”
    “Rain? Nah, the ice queen thing is an act. Gimme a week.”
    Anger spreads through me like fire, and I take a deep breath to calm down. I knew this would happen, I already warned Rain, but she didn’t listen. I clear my throat and they turn, eyes wide, then elbow each other and run ahead before I can overhear anything else. They’re just boys, but now they know I heard them. Maybe that will help.
    Rain said she can handle herself. I hope so. I clench and release my hands until the tension subsides, leaving me with just a mild headache. I’m sure she’s used to being hit on. Besides, it was just manly posturing, stuff guys say but don’t have any intention of acting on. Hopefully. Stuff like that doesn’t help my already overprotective nature towards the girl guards.
    She looks over as I approach, and I can tell she’s a little angry that I took my time coming over. She’s about to say something when her eyes drop to my shirt. She studies, then swallows, and seems to be trying to hold onto her anger. Maybe I’ll keep putting this shirt in the dryer. I don’t usually care for girls checking me out but when she does it I like it. I grin at her.
    She clears her throat. She looks beautiful today. Hair up as usual in a tight ponytail. It’s such an interesting color, as if each hair is a different color, but from a distance it just looks light brown.
    Her nose is long and thin, upturned at the end, and her eyes are round and wide. Her mouth is tightened into a line, because right now she’s stern. But I recall her bottom lip looking really juicy just the other day when we were in the lazy river.
    She clears her throat again and I raise an eyebrow. “Yes?”
    “You were supposed to come up with the first drill for the day.”
    “I was?” I pretend to think it over, shift my weight to one hip, and enjoy the way she gets redder when she’s irritated.
    “Yes.” She says it through gritted teeth, so I stifle a smile and turn to the guards.
    “Guys, you know what’s coming.”
    A collective groan moves over the group.
    “Yup. A five hundred. Go.”
    “You should do it too. Sups should stay in shape as well,” Neil says, moping past me and pulling off his shirt to reveal a chubby, post water polo body.
    “Sure.” Any excuse to get in the water.
    “Should I do it too?” Rain frowns and folds her arms.
    “No. I think someone should stay out and supervise, make sure they’re actually doing theirs.”
    “But will they respect me?”
    I think of the boys betting to get her in the sack, and get a bit angry again. They aren’t going to respect her either way. I shrug.
    “I guess we could go one after the other,” she says.
    “You a swimmer?”
    “It’ll take too long.”
    “We’ll go at the same time then.” She studies the lanes. “In this pool, is it twenty laps?”
    “Yup. You gonna be okay?”
    “We used to have to do two of these a week. In our wave pool. Much harder. I didn’t swim in high school but I’ve got endurance.”
    She pulls off the guard polo and her shorts and struts over to the lap lanes in a tight red swimsuit. I put a finger under my collar and pull it out to let air in. It’s stuffy in here. Then I follow her and drop my shirt as well.
    She stands behind a line of guards waiting to jump into the end lane. Several of them look at her curiously, but she doesn’t meet their eyes. I wonder how long she expects this cold act to work on them.
    I pull an arm across my neck and feel the stretch through my shoulder, then switch and do the other. I love swimming, but I’ll feel it later if I don’t. I look over at Rain. She’s lowering herself into the pool, wincing at the coolness, and timing her entry into the line of swimmers. Not paying any attention to me. Whatever.
    I watch the lane

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