Delicious Desires
business. Her eyesha d flashed with anger and disdain when he mentioned how busy he was, but when she nearly fell after leaping out of the bed, his heart had leapt into his mouth and he had caught her to him; smelling her lovely hair and enjoying the feeling of her tender body in his arms.
    She felt so helpless and small as she had cried into his chest that he had worried that he might be crushing her. He breathed in her scent and suddenly the slightly uneasy jolting he had felt in his heart earlier became full blown crashing. His blood had surged through his veins as he held her tightly to his chest and it had taken every drop of his willpower not to kiss her.
    He couldn’t tell if she would resist him. He suspected she would at first, but he was confident enough in himself that he thought she wouldn’t hold out for long and then maybe he could take it further than a kiss . Maybe he could even make love to her. His pulse throbbed even harder at the very idea.
    God! He thought... this had to stop. It had been bad enough when he’d seen her tear-stained face in the car park the day before, then afterwards at the club. Now she was driving him completely mad, into some sort of half-crazed, immature teenage frenzy. He had laid her back on the bed and watched her curl up as if to sleep again.
    He left the room to give his driver instructions for later before he wrot e her a note and leaving it beside her bag in case she woke. He eventually found his way to his own bedroom. He did not undress but lay, stretched out, on his oversized bed, still fully clothed. He stared at the ceiling for what felt like a very long time. His eyes did not want to close, even though it was now well over twenty-four hours since he had last slept. His mind and his body were too restless, as strange unbidden thoughts intruded every second he lay there.
    Eventually he had crept back to the spare room and stared at her from the doorway for several minutes before he walked into the room and quietly lay on the bed beside her. He didn’t want to wake her, he just wanted to be with her. His heart pounded out an erratic rhythm as he wondered what she would do if she woke now and found him lying there so close to her. He listened to her gentle breathing and entwined his fingers in her rich, dark hair, gathering it to him, moving his face into the luxurious strands but not touching her body at all.
    Tiredness suddenly overwhelmed him and he relaxed into the bed as he could feel himself drifting off to sleep.
    And then she moved. She rolled over towards him and for a moment he stopped breathing, waiting for the angry shout that would tell him that she was awake, but instead she drew a deep sighing breath. She moved even closer and snuggled into his chest, her cheek moving against his t-shirt as she made herself comfortable.
    Hesitantly, unsure of his motives, he wrapped his arms around her , letting her adjust her head to rest on his shoulder. She moved again and put her hand onto his chest, splaying her long elegant fingers across his pectorals, drawing a deep pang of longing from him. She rested there for just a moment and then his heart was hammering hard again as she lifted a slim leg over his thigh. She was almost lying across him.
    His skin flamed at her touch, even though he was still wearing his clothes. He held her lightly, not daring to move, his hands touching her slender back through the soft material, barely understanding the emotions now running through his mind. He knew that she was acting unknowingly, but he liked it anyway.
    More than liked it! Christ! She was driving him to the very edge of reason. He tried with great difficulty to calm himself but it was easier said than done. He could barely stop himself from ripping off his own clothes and then hers and making love to her right then. Instead he fought to quash the rising tide of passion that surged through his entire being. He bent his head to capture the scent of her hair once again.

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