Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil by John L. Evans Read Free Book Online

Book: Deliver Us From Evil by John L. Evans Read Free Book Online
Authors: John L. Evans
him his rights, Detective Juarez, and cuff him.”
    Juarez quickly read the priest his rights and handcuffed his hands behind his back.
    Reiniger’s pale eyes iced up momentarily. “You are making a big mistake here, Detective Farrell.”
    “You will be spending the weekend here, Father Reiniger, and then you’ll be transferred to the County Courthouse for your arraignment, on Monday morning.”
    Juarez began to lead him out of the interview room. Suddenly, Reiniger turned back to face Farrell. His voice was cold, venomous, when he spoke. “As I said, Detective Farrell, you are making an outlandish mistake here, and you will pay for it. You will pay for it, I can assure you, of that!”
    Moments later, Farrell joined Captain McGraw, who had been watching the interrogation, through the one-way mirror of the adjacent observation room. McGraw’s look was grim. “I dunno what kind of bullshit Reiniger thinks he’s throwin’ here! Nobody can contest DNA results, not even the good Father. The semen found on the kid’s body matches Reiniger’s blood type.” He shrugged. “What more is there to say?”

    9/13/99. The County Courthouse. Downtown San Bernardino. 9:00 a.m. The huge courtroom on the second floor of the building was filled to capacity. The St. Michael’s parishioners, still in a seemingly state of shock, upon hearing the news, had gathered at the courthouse to witness the formal arraignment of their beloved Father Reiniger. The few remaining seats that were vacant after the throng of TV reporters and newsmen had entered, were left to the few ordinary citizens fortunate enough to get in. This, incidentally, was arranged by a numbers draw conducted by a bailiff at 8:00 a.m., before the arraignment proceedings were scheduled to begin. Presiding Judge, Jacqueline Schapiro sat tall and rather aloof behind the bench. In her late fifties, she was a heavy-set, big-boned woman. Her hair was dyed jet-black; she wore horn-rimmed glasses. She had earned the reputation of having a tough, no-nonsense demeanor. She reflected an aura of fear and intimidation.
    A sudden hush fell over the crowded courtroom as a uniformed deputy escorted Father Reiniger from a small, adjacent holding room, and led him to a position facing Judge Schapiro. The Judge paused momentarily, then whipped off her horn-rimmed glasses. She stared at Reiniger; her look was grim, distasteful. When she finally spoke her voice was cold, authoritative. “In the case of the State, versus Father Frederick Reiniger, you are charged with Code Number 727189, specifically lewd and lascivious acts involving a minor under the age of fourteen. How do you plead?”
    “Not guilty, Your Honor,” Reiniger said.
    “In addition, in the case of the State versus Father Frederick Reiniger, you are charged with the First Degree Murder of Daniel Jason Novak on the night of Sunday, September 5, 1999. How do you plead?”
    “Not guilty, Your Honor.”
    Reiniger’s attorney, Richard Ramsey, in his mid-forties, was tall, lean, almost-handsome. His eyes were sharp, penetrating. He suddenly stepped forward. “Your Honor, considering that my client, Father Reiniger, is a recognized and respected leader in the community, I would like to”
    Judge Schapiro sharply cut him off. “Yes, I know all about Father Reiniger’s devotion to his St. Michael’s parishioners, his charity work, his benelovence, his aid to the poor, et cetera, et cetera, but this man is charged with sexually abusing a twelve-year-old child, and more important than that, causing the death of this same twelve-year-old child.” Schapiro paused. “Bail is set at $300,000.” Abruptly, she banged her gavel. “That’s it! Next case, please!”
    EXTRACT: San Bernardino Sun-Times
    San Bernardino, Calif. Monday, September 13. Father Frederick Reiniger of St. Michael’s Parish, in Alta Vista was arraigned at the County Courthouse this morning on charges

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