Demon From the Dark

Demon From the Dark by Kresley Cole Read Free Book Online

Book: Demon From the Dark by Kresley Cole Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kresley Cole
Tags: Fiction, General, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural
                Did Carrow suspect Chase would go back on his word? Of course. But she also knew she had to operate under the assumption that he would release her and Ruby. What were two witches to them? And more importantly, what other choice did Carrow have? "I don't know that for certain," she said as she began rooting through the pack Dixon had offered her earlier.
                At once, Carrow had demanded to go to the facility's PX store for her own supplies. While the Order might have a dandy assault pack for soldiers to make an incursion, they didn't have an all-purpose Carrow pack for witches bent on seduction.
                So after a few hygienic tweaks to her gear--and her first shower in a week while her clothes were dry-cleaned--she was ready.
                "In any event, witch, I think you waste your time."
                "Look, I might not trust that they'll keep their word about releasing us," Carrow said. "But I trust one hundred percent that they'll keep it about killing her."
                Lanthe sighed, gazing over at Ruby. "Well, then, let's see this dossier."
                They sat on the floor with their backs against the wall. Fitting. Carrow opened the folder to the first page, a summary of her destination and its peoples.
                "I still can't believe they're sending you to Oblivion ." Lanthe shivered.
                "Come on, it's the only place you can get fresh vemons this time of year."
                Oblivion was one of the hell planes, a place of such limited resources that only the harshest demons could survive. In this case, water was scarce. No rain fell, and the few collections of water were underground.
                According to the dossier, the Trothan culture was a chaotic mix of slavery, violence, and cruelty--its members brutal. Yet they had a deeply entrenched class system in their society.
                Carrow's lips thinned. She wasn't a big fan of classes in any form--educational or social. She herself hailed from a "noble" family, but had buried that little tidbit about herself. And it's not like my folks will out me.
                When Carrow turned the page to the summary of Malkom Slaine, her "target," Lanthe said, "A vemon, the most dangerous of all Lore creatures, was created out of a Trothan, one of the most barbaric species of immortal?"
                Though Carrow knew demons who were civil, engaging, and hot, she'd never met a Trothan.
                "And you're going into hell to get him? This is like Escape from New York, except you're bringing out the baddie."
                "Snake Plissken, at your service," Carrow said as she began perusing Slaine's information, organized in handy bullet points.
                Description: Light blue eyes. Defined musculature. Over six and a half feet tall. Black horns, curving back from just above his ears. Identifying marks: A large, winding tattoo on his right flank, typical demon piercings.
                Background: Born more than four hundred years ago to a prostitute demon mother. Father unknown.
                Carrow felt a flare of pity for him. Living in Oblivion was bad enough, and he hadn't exactly gotten a great start.
                Led rebellion against vampire invaders until his capture. Transformed into a Scarba -- a vampiric demon. Before escaping the vampire stronghold, he beheaded Kallen the Just, the Trothans' demon prince, as well as the Viceroy, the vampires' emissary.
                Carrow frowned. "Why would Slaine have assassinated the two potential leaders, then not taken control of the demonarchy?"
                Lanthe said, "Sounds to me like a failure to capitalize."
                Fugitive from Trothans for over three centuries. No known associates. Unwed. Most current

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