Demons of Lust

Demons of Lust by Silvana S Moss Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Demons of Lust by Silvana S Moss Read Free Book Online
Authors: Silvana S Moss
whose drink then went flying
and spilled upon the lovely new girl.  The young man started freaking out
on Leon, cursing angrily, while Leon moved forward, grabbing napkins to sop up
the mess.
    “Pardonnez-moi Mademoiselle,” Leon said, “I am so sorry.”
    Despite having been drenched in a soft drink, the young
woman’s face lit up.  She touched Leon’s hand and held it warmly in her
    “Monsieur Compatriote!” she said with a near angelic
smile.  His face turned red.  He hadn’t heard his native language
spoken by a fellow native speaker in years.  He nodded dumbly, feeling
awkward, even though he had been fully aware that she was French.  Her
voice was pulling him in like a mystical siren.  She giggled, taking the
napkins from him.
     “Excusez-moi monsieur,” she
said, going to the restroom to clean up, leaving him standing there looking
dumbfounded.  Paul pulled him away from the crowd.
    “Dude!  What is up with
you?  You’re seriously losing your cool!  She’s just another
girl.  If you don’t catch her now, this could be your only chance!
I mean, look at her!  She’s the prettiest girl to enroll here since that
girl who went on to be Miss USA!  She already has a bigger horde of boys
than you do of girls.  If you don’t charm her when she gets back, she’s
gone!” Paul lectured his foreign friend.
    Dominique returned and she didn’t
even look like soda had been spilt upon her. Her hair bounced slightly as she
walked.  The dark blue dress she was wearing accentuated every luscious
    “Monsieur Compatriote,” she greeted
him with her charming smile.  Leon bowed and kissed her hand, turning the
charm up to a new level as his friend had suggested.
    “My name is Leon Olivier Lambert.
Mademoiselle, please, allow me to buy lunch for you,” he said.
    “That seems an appropriate way to
apologize for causing a drink to fall upon me,” Dominique said.  He led
her away. 
    “Yeah! That’s my boy!” Paul said
quietly with a fist pump.
    Like a real European gentleman, Leon pulled out Dominique’s chair out for her, seating her, before sitting across from her
at the small dining table.  Dominique twirled a piece of her lustrous
black hair around her finger.
    “I saw you with all of those
girls,” she said, “But not one is lover?”
    Leon gave an awkward laugh.
    “Ah, no,” he said, “I’m afraid… I
have not found the woman… special enough for such an honor.”
    “You are indeed modest, are you
not?” Dominique laughed.
    “Well, what can I say?” Leon mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck.  Dominique leaned over the table slightly.
    “So… you have… never been with a
woman?” she asked.
    “I… uh… no Madamoiselle… I… umm…” Leon’s face tinged pink and soon was very red.  This was odd lunch time conversation.
    “But, I can tell, you like to make
women happy, no?” Dominique had a devious twinkle in her dark eyes.
    “I do…” Leon said.
    “You are so full of love and life
Monsieur Lambert.” She mused.  Her face held a dreamy expression as she
looked at him from across the table.
    “Pardon?” Leon looked confused.  She tilted his chin up with one finger and looked straight into
his eyes..
    “Be mine,” she said, “Anything you
ever wanted, I will make it happen, but be mine Leon Olivier Lambert…”
    Her voice had dropped to a whisper
and the softer her voice became the more Leon was drawn in by it.  He
found himself leaning in over the table to meet her.  The world around him
seemed to fade away.  He was inches away.
    “Why would you want me,
Mademoiselle?” he whispered.
    “I… am not what I seem,” she
breathed, “You are beautiful, so full of love, I can almost taste it.”
    With every word, Dominique leaned
in a little closer, until her lips grazed over his.  Her dark eyes met his
once again and he was transfixed in his seat.
    “Mademoiselle… I am yours,” he
whispered softly.
    “Tres bon Monsieur Lambert,”

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