Descendants Junior Novel

Descendants Junior Novel by Disney Book Group Read Free Book Online

Book: Descendants Junior Novel by Disney Book Group Read Free Book Online
Authors: Disney Book Group
    “Um…no, no. I want it cool,” said Lonnie. “Like Mal’s!”
    Mal looked at Lonnie with her jaw dropped.
    Evie laughed. “Really?” she said. “The split ends, too?”
    Mal rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated breath. She put down her pencil, got up, and opened her spell book. “Okay…” she said, flipping through it. She smiled at Lonnie.
“Beware, forswear, replace the old with cool hair,”
she said. With a few swipes of Mal’s finger, Lonnie’s bob transformed into long, soft brown locks.
    Lonnie checked herself out in the mirror and frowned.
    “I know, I know,” said Evie, going over to her. “It looks like a mop on your head. Let’s cut it off, layer it—”
    “No, no, no, no, no!” said Lonnie. “I love it.” She smiled.
    “You do,” said Evie.
    “It’s just…” She ripped her skirt up the side. “Now I’m cool,” she said.
    “Like ice,” said Mal, flashing her a smile.
    And with that, a little friendship was born.
    Jane looked between the two and ripped her skirt up the side, too. She instantly gasped. “What did I just do?” Jane said. “Mom’s gonna kill me!”
    Jay and Coach Jenkins were seated on the bleachers, looking at the rule book.
    “I could really use a tough guy like you,” said Coach Jenkins. He looked very official in a yellow tourney hat, a blue vest, and a pale yellow T-shirt. There was a jersey slung over
his shoulder. “The team’s a bunch of princes, if you know what I mean,” he added.
    “You’re telling me,” said Jay, closing the rule book. “It’s all
‘After you, old chum. Oh, pardon me, did I bump you?’

    Coach chuckled.
    “Where I come from, it’s
‘Prepare to die, sucker!’
” Jay threw down the rule book and stood up. “As my father says, the only way to win is to make
sure everyone else loses! You rip—”
    “Jay,” Coach said. He stood up. “Jay! Jay, Jay, Jay. Let me explain a ‘team.’” He guided Jay to sit back down on the bleachers with him. “It’s
like a family,” Coach said.
    “You do
want to be at my house at dinnertime,” said Jay.
    Coach nodded. “Okay, okay,” he said. “You know how a body has a lot of different parts? Legs, elbows, ears. But they all need each other. Well, that’s what a team
is—different players who work
to win. Make any sense?”
    Jay looked thoughtful. “Can I be the fist?” He made a fist.
    Coach laughed. He took the jersey off his shoulder and held it out to Jay.
    It was blue and had Jay’s name and the number eight on it in gold.
    With a smile, Jay took it and put it on over his leather vest. He thanked Coach Jenkins and took off down the field and back to the dorms. He threw open the door to Mal and Evie’s room,
whooping and showing off his jersey. Carlos whistled from where he sat with Dude on the floor, looking at something on his laptop. Evie was bending over a mountain of homework and copying two sets
of answers from her magic mirror. Mal leafed through the spell book on her bed, searching for answers.
    “Did your plan work with Jane?” Jay asked Mal. “Are you going over to see the wand?”
    “Do you think that I would be going through every single spell in this book if I hadn’t completely struck out?” said Mal.
    Her friends exchanged looks.
    “Someone is in a bad mood,” said Carlos.
    “My mom’s counting on me,” said Mal, flicking Carlos’s head. “I can’t let her down!”
    “We can do this!” said Jay.
    His three friends stared at him.
    “If we stick together,” said Jay.
    “And we won’t go back until we do,” said Mal. “’Cause we’re rotten…”
    “To the core,” they all said in unison.
    “Oh, yeah,” said Evie nonchalantly. “I found out that Fairy Godmother blesses Ben with the wand at coronation and we all get to go.”
    Mal’s eyes widened.
    “I have nothing to wear, of course,” said Evie.
    Mal looked at her incredulously.
    There was a knock at the door.
    “What?” asked

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