Desired by Wolves [Call of the Wolf 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

Desired by Wolves [Call of the Wolf 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) by Diane Leyne Read Free Book Online

Book: Desired by Wolves [Call of the Wolf 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) by Diane Leyne Read Free Book Online
Authors: Diane Leyne
Tags: Romance
avoid waking him. Coming from a family of shape-shifters, even though the women of the bloodline didn’t shift themselves, she’d grown up with shifters.
    Even though she’d become a vet, she’d studied human anatomy as well. Shifters were generally stronger and healthier than the human population, but even they got ill, including broken bones. If the bones weren’t set correctly in either human or animal form, when the shifter changed, there could be problems. One of the biggest problems occurred when doctors used screws and plates to set a bone. It was fine when in human form, but when the person shifted, unless the screws or plate were set just right, they could actually do damage. She wondered if it was just muscle damage or if there was something more below the skin.
    She ran her hand lightly over Alex’s flank. She could feel the corded scar tissue before he pulled away from her, almost cowering.
    “Alex, I saw you on the camera.” She pointed to where she’d installed the camera above the door. “I know you can still shift. You shifted to unlock the dog door so Otis could join you for a romp in the field.” She paused. “I’m waiting. We have to talk, and you are not going anywhere until we do.”
    She leaned back against the railing and smiled. “You’ve known me forever. Do you really think I’ll just give up?”
    Alex looked up at her and seemed to sigh. In a flash, the wolf was gone and it was Alex lying on his side, panting lightly. She could see his scars more clearly now that the fur was gone. She reached out, but he turned away, his knees tucked up under his chin, his arms wrapped around his bent legs and his rounded back presented to her, his posture hunched as if he expected to be beaten. She touched his shoulder gently and was shocked as he flinched.
    She kept her hand light as she ran it across his back, gentling him until she could finally feel the tension seeping out. She ran both her hands lightly over his shoulders and down his arms before pressing against his back and wrapping her arms around him. She tucked her face into the place where his neck and shoulders met and kissed him lightly and then pressed her face against his warm skin. She felt his body shift slightly so he could turn his head and press a soft kiss against her forehead. She looked up and into those intense gray eyes of his. She could still see his pain, but they were lit by something else, desire.
    Lena felt an answering stirring inside. He had been the first man she’d ever made love with back when she thought they were destined to be together forever. She’d known deep in her bones from the time she reached puberty and really began to notice boys that the James boys were her destined mates and Alex, the Alpha of the family, would lead them all in a mating ceremony.
    But then he didn’t. She understood why he waited until she and his brothers were eighteen and he was twenty-two to make love to her for the first time, but when she graduated university, she had expected that they would formalize their love and their relationship. Instead of the full ceremony, he’s just giving her the single mating bite that had driven her crazy with lust for her wolves but had worn off with the dawn.
    She felt his lips touch hers and part of her melted. She’d dreamed of his lips more times than she could remember and now he was here, naked and kissing her so softly and tenderly, and she felt her body respond as it recognized the touch of its mate.
    The spell was broken by the sound of Otis whining at the door.
    Lena pulled back and stood up after removing the collar and leash. Alex stood as well, and then clutched the railing as his left leg couldn’t handle the abrupt move. Automatically, she moved forward to help him brace himself. It was only then that saw how aroused he was. His large, thick cock was hard and pointing up toward his stomach. She wanted so badly to touch it, to suck it, to feel it inside her body.
    To disguise

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