Destiny Strikes

Destiny Strikes by Theresa Flowers-Lee Read Free Book Online

Book: Destiny Strikes by Theresa Flowers-Lee Read Free Book Online
Authors: Theresa Flowers-Lee
the mark on his chest. Last night, it felt as if he had left a part of himself behind with the exotic beauty.
    Chest heaving, Travis struggled to breath.
    One minute he’d been dreaming about stars. The next, he’d been thrust into a fantasy where his hands and feet were spread and fastened to the bed with invisible bindings.
    Muscles flexed, straining to free himself, Travis realized he was naked and his dick was hard as stone.
    “Calm down. This will end soon enough. I don’t want to rush this.”
    Jerking his head around to see where the voice coaxing his testicles to draw up tight came from.
    Fallon appeared from the shadows of his bedroom. His eyes glazed over her outfit. The black leather corset pushed her unbound breast high. He watched her cherry-red nipples hardened before his unwavering gaze. A belt contraption cinched her waist and flared in four lengthy sections over her hips. Thin strips at each end flowed down her thighs and disappeared into knee-high stiletto boots. Her mound was bare.
    His jaw locked, he ground his teeth, his body razed in sensual agony.
    She sauntered over to the mirror-dresser combo. Her pale slender fingertips skimmed his badge, gun, keys and his wallet, that he’d placed there before falling into slumber.
    Something about her nearness to the possessions that defined his existence doused his desire.
    “Why are you here, Fallon?”
    Her husky voice caressed his skin. “It’s only a dream.” Her luscious bottom lip rolled inward. “I need you.”
    His roof vanished and lightning flashed above them. He closed his eyes against the bright intensity as the bed dipped. Then she was on him, straddling his waist, and he nearly dislocated both arms.
    The sight of her in such a sensual position, so soon after thinking about the things she could do to him and where, had the nerves in his sack tingling. Blood rushed to fill his enlarged member even more. How she ended up in his home didn’t matter not at all compared to the demand from his rod, and every pulse for release blotting everything else out. The strength of it made his teeth grind against his back molars as her silky hand wrapped around the overstimulated head of his erection. The sensation left him panting through clenched jaws.
    Then Travis noticed how her image began to weave in and out of focus. What centered his vision were the smooth thighs gripping his hips and the hard nipples skimming his chest. His cheeks billowed as he fought the demands of his body to find release on the flat stomach. He felt her soft breaths against his cheek as she leaned over him. One slim finger came to rest against his lips.
    “Shhhh, lover, it’ll be over soon,” she whispered seductively.
    Her chuckle drove him mad as her torture continued. Her wet tongue passed over his lips as she removed her finger.
    “I need you to finish this, now,” he growled against her throat. He raged at his helplessness as she swiped at his ear with the same moist caress.
    “Don’t worry, we’ll be together. Accept—”
    Thunder slapped his ears like a palm on a drum, and drowned out the rest.
    His sweat clung to her skin as she peeled away from him, advancing his downward spiral into madness. How could her face be directly above him, and he not see it clearly? Try as he might to focus, the view remained bleary, like he’d been staring right into the sun. He tried to blame the darkness that surrounded them. As soon as he’d reasoned it out, the scenery changed. The earth beneath them fell away, and all that remained were stars. One particular constellation stood out more than others. It outlined the same shape as the tattoo he wore on his body.
    Just when he thought the scenery hadn’t confused him enough, lightning flashed around them in a brilliant blue/purple blaze. Yet, there wasn’t any mask available to protect his sight. Mounting confusion and irritation obliterated his senses, and the dream began to fade.
    “Oh no you don’t, big boy.”
    He could

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