Devoted by Alycia Taylor Read Free Book Online

Book: Devoted by Alycia Taylor Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alycia Taylor
day before yesterday? Why am I just hearing about it
    “I’m sorry. I hadn’t had
a chance to tell Braxton yet.”
    “Oh, I see,” she said.
“Here we go, you’re in love and all of a sudden the best friend is old news,
pushed right out of the fold.”
    “Shut up!” I told her.
    “I will not!” she said
with a giggle.
    We finished getting
ready for the fight. I was a little reluctant and Zoe
could sense it. She kept telling me to keep in mind that after tonight it would
all be over and I’d never have to watch him fight
again…even if we were married for a hundred years.
right, married. He still hasn’t said a word about the
ring. I’m pretty sure it was his mom’s or something and I was just letting my
silly imagination get away with me.”
    “You never know,” Zoe
said. “Let’s get going or we’re going to be late.”
    I unenthusiastically grabbed my camera bag and said, “I’m ready, let’s go.”
    We were a little late,
so when we got there, the place was already packed. Since Braxton was the hot
ticket he had gotten a whole row reserved for his guests and as Zoe and I made our way toward it I was surprised to see the back of
two heads already seated who looked very familiar.
    “Mom? Dad? What are you guys doing here?”
    My mother, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, looking much younger than her forty-two
years said, “Braxton invited us, and we thought it would be fun.”
    I looked at my dad who I knew might enjoy this and raised an eyebrow. “Braxton
invited you guys? When?”
    “He called me last
week,” my dad said. He called him? Braxton called my father? That was just…weird. What was weirder was my passive mother who was dead set against any kind of
violence, sitting in the audience, two rows away from the cages with a smile on
her face.
    “You don’t mind that
we’re here, dear, do you?” My face must have been
showing my concern. I didn’t mind they were here at all,
it was just…strange.
    “No, Mom. Of course not. I was just
surprised. Braxton didn’t tell me he called you.”
    “Well, not me dear, he called your father.”
    I smiled. My mother was one of those concrete thinkers.
“Okay, well, he didn’t tell me that either.” They both just shrugged. My dad
got up and gave me a kiss on the cheek, which wasn’t weird, but then he grabbed
me in a big hug, and whispered, “I love you, baby girl,” which wouldn’t have
been weird if I hadn’t seen him for a long time, or was leaving on a long trip,
but we just had dinner last week. It made me more

    “You ready, kid?”
    Sam and I were sitting in the back room, waiting for them to call my
name. I was staring at his cauliflower ear, but not
really looking at it. I was wondering what Emmi was going to say when I asked her to marry me. My stomach was in knots. Her parents were there, Zoe too and I even invited Callie. I wasn’t sure if she would come or not, she hated watching me fight, but I told
her about proposing and she’s a nosy little shit, so she might show.
    “I’m ready,” I said, not sure if I was talking about the fight, or
proposing. “Hey, Sam, what happened to the juice bar girl?”
    “Nothing happened to
her. We’re still going out. She’s got it bad for old Sammy Boy!”
    I smiled. “Well look at you, you big stud! How could she
    Sam glanced at himself
in the mirror over the sink and smiled. When he did that, his nose pushed over
to one side. The cartilage was completely gone on the other. Between that and
his ear, he wasn’t as pretty as he may have once been, but his heart was good
and I still felt bad about dashing his dreams of someday training a big
    He was still looking at
himself, the smile faded and he said, “She sees something in me, I guess.”
    “Then she’s a smart
lady. Sam, I ’m going to ask Emmi to marry me tonight. But don’t worry, my head’s in the
fight. No matter what happens, I’m

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