Diamond Sky (Diamond Sky Trilogy Book 1)

Diamond Sky (Diamond Sky Trilogy Book 1) by David Clarkson Read Free Book Online

Book: Diamond Sky (Diamond Sky Trilogy Book 1) by David Clarkson Read Free Book Online
Authors: David Clarkson
imagined as he focused on his target
with machine-like powers of concentration, acquired through years of military
service. If he missed, it would mean sudden death for both he and his partner.
After completing two tours of Afghanistan, he was used to pressure. There would
not be a second chance at this.
    He missed.
    ‘Shit, Mike!’ said Bradley. ‘What is with you today? If it
wasn’t for your wayward putting we would have had this game won ages ago.’
    ‘Blame the course, not me. Golf is supposed to be played on
grass, not sand. This is the one proper sport that they actually play in this
country and they still cannot get it right.’
    The pair’s opponents stood smugly on the sidelines. They had
not played any better than the Americans, but they at least had the restraint
not to talk themselves up so much before the match.
    ‘Are you ladies okay?’ asked Dennis, who owned a local bar,
which the Americans were particularly fond of. ‘If you feel that you need to
take a time-out at any time, you just have to say.’
    ‘Don’t worry about us,’ replied Mike. ‘The only problem we
are likely to be faced with is in deciding what to spend our winnings on.’
    Dennis laughed. It was the bellowing, all encompassing laugh
of a man who was used to entertaining people and felt comfortable on either
side of a joke.
    ‘If you stopped blowing smoke up each other’s arses and just
focused on playing a round of golf, you could have had this won by now.’
    ‘He’s right,’ added Bert, who was Dennis’s partner in
business as well as golf, although he did tend to spend more time in front of
the bar than behind it. ‘We’ve actually been trying to let you fellas win, because beating you would be too easy. I’m
starting to think we’ve set ourselves an impossible goal.’
    Neither of the Americans bothered to offer a response as
Bradley tapped in the ball to finish the hole and tie up the game. He shook his
fist in a gesture of ill deserved triumph before the pairings made their way
back to the first tee. Dennis was first to play and he comfortably found the
sandy fairway. Next up was Mike, who was not so lucky and put his ball into a
    ‘You’re in the sand trap,’ said Dennis.
    ‘This whole course is a sand trap,’ Mike snapped back.
    ‘Okay, princess, there’s no need to go getting your tiara in
a tussle; I just stated a simple fact.’
    Mike shook his head as he walked away from his amused
opponent. He knew that he should not take the bait, but the Australian was one
heck of an angler.
    Bradley managed to salvage a decent second shot out of
nothing, but Bert found the green with his. The game did not go to another hole
and the Americans were left sour faced in the club house.
    ‘How about you guys tell us what you do up at that base of
yours and we’ll call it quits,’ offered Dennis, as the foursome took seats
around a table with their freshly poured beers.
    ‘Well, that’s easy enough,’ replied Mike. ‘I’m a janitor.’
    Dennis looked across to Bradley who took a sip from his pint
before giving the same answer.
    ‘Me too, I mop up the mess that Mike leaves behind.’
    He winked to his friend and colleague, who in return offered
up his first smile of the afternoon.
    ‘There must be over five hundred men working at that base
and every one of them claims to be a janitor or a cleaner,’ said Dennis.
    ‘What can I say,’ replied Mike. ‘There is a lot of mess that
needs clearing up. I think a lot of it is because of all the sand that keeps
blowing in. It seems to me that Alice Springs must be the dustiest town on
    ‘Well, I’m not buying it, which means you guys owe us two
hundred bucks a piece.’
    ‘Stick it on our tab; you know we’re good for it.’
    ‘I’m sure you are.’
    The four men took a break from ribbing each other when a
waitress came over to the table.
    ‘Excuse me, but which one of you gentlemen is Mike Peters?’
she asked.
    ‘That’ll be me,’ the

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