Diary of a 6th Grade Girl #1: How to Survive Middle School
Day 5
    Dear Diary,
    I really, really like Kyle. I think that he likes me too, but he might just like me as a friend. I’m not sure. How do you tell if a guy wants you to be his girlfriend? I’m too shy to ask my mom or my older sister, so I think I’ll just have to figure it out on my own. Maybe I’ll look it up on the Internet later.
    I can’t believe how much homework I had last night. Tonight wasn’t so bad; all that I had to do was write a short story telling the teacher who I am. The assignment was kind of fun, and I think that I wrote my story well. The teacher said that if we do well on them, she’ll hang them all on the wall outside of the 6 th Grade English Classroom. I hope that she does. Then, I’ll be able to learn more about Kyle and some of his friends that I sit with at lunch.
    I sat with him again today, and it was really fun. We both brought our lunches, and traded our desserts. I found out that he doesn’t like chocolate pudding (which is my favorite), but he loves brownies. Should I bring him another brownie tomorrow? My mom made a whole bunch of them, because she was trying out a new recipe. Maybe I’ll bring some in for the whole lunch table.
    Kristy and her friends did make fun of me because I don’t have a cell phone. I thought that maybe she would give up being mean, but she still is. I’m still hurt that she’s so mean to me this year, when I thought that we were friends last year. Why do people do things like that? I would never be so mean to anyone, especially someone that I used to be friends with, even if we got in a fight.
    Two more days until it’s Friday, and my first week of Middle School will be over. I really thought that it would be a lot harder than it is. I know that I only just started, but I’ve already made it through three days of the classes, and I spent all summer thinking that I wouldn’t even survive the first day. So far, it’s actually been kind of fun.
    It would be a lot more fun if Kristy and the popular girls weren’t so mean. I never did anything to them, but they make fun of me every chance I get. I think that it’s because I’m new here, and no one knows me. Maybe that short story I wrote for English class will help people get to know me better—I just hope that the teacher doesn’t make me read it in front of the class.
    This entry has been a lot longer than I meant for it to be, but Middle School gives me so much more to talk about. I’m really excited about how different is, and even though some things have been hard, I like it a lot more than I liked Elementary School. The only bad things are that I have homework every night, and the classes are kind of harder. And the popular girls don’t like me. But I have friends, and I might even have a boyfriend soon! So it is all going okay.

Day 6
    Dear Diary,
    I can’t believe it! Kristy told me today to stay away from her boyfriend. When I asked her who her boyfriend was, she told me it was Kyle! I’m not sure if she’s telling the truth or not, but I’m really sad. I really like Kyle, and I’m tired of Kristy getting everything that she wants, just because she’s pretty and wears “cool” clothes. I’m just as pretty, and my clothes look good on me.
    I have a lot of homework to do tonight, so I’m going to work on that now. I’ll ask Kyle tomorrow at lunch if he really is dating Kristy, since I didn’t get the chance to ask him today.

Day 7
    Dear Diary,
    The good news is that Kyle isn’t dating Kristy after all! She only told me that to make me jealous. The bad news is that now everyone knows that I like Kyle. I felt too shy to sit at the lunch table anymore, so I got up and went to the library. I told everyone that I had to finish my homework before Math Class, which I have right after our lunch break.
    What do I do about this? It’s so embarrassing that Kyle knows I have a crush on him. And he didn’t even say that he liked me back. I think I might have to talk to Anna about it. She

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