Die Like an Eagle

Die Like an Eagle by Donna Andrews Read Free Book Online

Book: Die Like an Eagle by Donna Andrews Read Free Book Online
Authors: Donna Andrews
never know.”
    â€œAwesome,” I said. “But isn’t it illegal?”
    â€œProbably,” Caroline said. “I’m sure any data we got from the trackers wouldn’t be admissible in court as evidence. But we’re not trying to sue him—we just want a little early warning if he tries to barge in again. Brilliant if you ask me. Here—call this number any time you want an update on his whereabouts.”
    She held out her phone and waited while I entered the number into my contact list. Then she strolled off, still chuckling at her own cleverness.
    I still wasn’t sure it was a good idea. But it was too late to stop her, and I doubted there was any way we could retrieve the devices without Biff catching on to what she’d done.
    And since it was still part of my job for Caerphilly to track him down and extract an update on the progress (or lack thereof) on the town square renovations …
    I called the number Caroline had given me.
    â€œZoo Security,” a cheerful female voice answered. “How can I help you?”
    â€œThis is Meg Langslow,” I said. “Can you give me a current location on those last two tracking devices Caroline activated?”
    â€œAbsolutely! Just give me a moment … both devices are in the same location. On our maps, it’s something called Percy Pruitt Park.”
    I thanked her and hung up. Percy Pruitt Park was still the official name of what we locals usually called the county ball field. Nobody had fond memories of the Pruitts, who had arrived in Caerphilly just after the Civil War and pretty much run the town as their personal fiefdom until a few years ago, when we’d finally figured out how to get rid of them and elected Randall Shiffley as the new reform mayor. No one had complained when one of the Brown Construction trucks had knocked down the park’s signpost some time ago. Maybe it was time to propose a name change.
    I scribbled an item in my notebook to that effect and then returned to the party.
    â€œBiff gone?” Michael asked.
    â€œUnfortunately,” I said. “Before I had the chance to bug him about the renovations to the town square.”
    â€œWell, maybe you can catch him tomorrow,” Michael said. “At the game.”
    â€œYes, he’ll probably be there for the opening ceremonies,” I said.
    â€œAnd the whole game,” Michael said. “We’re playing his team, you know.”
    With that, he dashed back to where the boys were resuming their practice.
    â€œGreat,” I muttered. I didn’t much like the notion of ruining my enjoyment of the boys’ first game by trying to tackle Biff at the ballpark. But was he going to continue dodging me indefinitely?
    An idea came to me. I strolled into the barn where it was a little quieter, sat on a hay bale, pulled out my cell phone, and called the town clerk’s office. To my surprise, I got a live voice.
    â€œCaerphilly Town Clerk’s Office, Phineas T. Throckmorton speaking.”
    â€œPhinny, what are you doing there this late? What happened to that vow to start working sane hours?”
    â€œOh, don’t worry,” Phinny said. “Because I’m not working—I’m hosting a role-playing game. Call of Cthulhu—it’s like Dungeons & Dragons, only based on H.P. Lovecraft.”
    â€œYes, I know what it is,” I said. “My brother’s a game lord, remember?”
    â€œYes, we’re hoping he can join us later tonight. I should get back to the game—was there a reason you called?”
    â€œI was planning to leave you a voice mail asking you to do something for me when you’re back at work next week,” I said.
    â€œIs it important? Urgent? I could do it now.”
    â€œImportant, but not urgent.” After all, I’d been trying to reach Biff for weeks now. A few more days wouldn’t matter. “Any chance you could give me a list of

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