Dirty DNA (G Street Chronicles Presents)

Dirty DNA (G Street Chronicles Presents) by BlaQue Read Free Book Online

Book: Dirty DNA (G Street Chronicles Presents) by BlaQue Read Free Book Online
Authors: BlaQue
Tags: Drama, Family, Urban, best seller, deceit, Wahida clark, street lit, gstreet, bookclub, kwan, top 100, goodread, dmv
business with
pleasure. This was fine by me as long as it sealed the deal. I slid
off my pants and Caesar pushed me to my knees. Unzipping his pants,
I released what had to be the tiniest dick I had ever laid my eyes
on. I put the head of his dick in mouth and began sucking him off
to let him know that working with me would bring him more
gratification than just money.
    He began to thrust himself into my mouth. I
met him at each stroke and knew he was enjoying his bonus for
working with me. Caesar grabbed the back of my head and he started
to moan. I picked up my speed to hurry him along. He was thrusting
in and out of my mouth with fast strokes and I knew he was ready to
explode. I pulled him out of my mouth.
    “Do we have a deal?” I asked looking him
dead in his eyes.
    “Chu’ drive a hard bargain Ms. Clayton. We
have a deal.” He said as he grabbed the back of my head and I took
him back into my mouth. He stroked my mouth several more times
before delivering his babies. Once he was finished, I rose to my
feet and pulled my clothes on. I opened my briefcase and handed him
my new purchase orders and his money to provide my product. He
informed me of where our next pick up would be and I exited his
office as if nothing had ever happened. Oscar was right outside the
door when I exited and he gave me a concerned look.
    “Oscar the deal is done. I have the
instructions for our next pick up and a new buy price.” I said
    “YaYa, how were you able to do that? He was
clearly puzzled as to how I was able to talk Caesar down.
    “I simply let him know working with me,
instead of against me, was the best and only option for him.” I
said coldly.
    Oscar asked no more questions as we left the
house accompanied by the same Latina chick we had seen earlier. He
watched me closely. He knew I was definitely a product of my
father’s seed. Oscar and I went to our respective cars and drove
off together much richer than we had come. I picked up my cell
phone and dialed my father. I let him know the deal was done and
that I had the new orders in motion. I knew just what I needed as a
reward for handling my first business transaction and I knew just
who could give it to me.
    I pulled my Caddy onto I-495 North and
headed towards Baltimore. I knew Papi would quiet the fire I had
growing down below. You see, money turned me into an animal. I
lusted after money, and just knowing I was about to be ten times
richer than I already was got me all the way to B-more on a mission
to twerk with Papi’s freaked-out ass.

Chapter 10
    The Tradewinds Night Club
    Old Branch Avenue
    Temple Hills, MD
    I made it around the Beltway in record time.
I was hoping Papi was either home or on his way home when I got
there. Once I pulled up in the driveway, I noticed he must have had
company because an unfamiliar car was parked in the driveway along
with his. High and horny, I knew that whoever was there was gonna
have to hurry their business along and keep it moving. I walked up
the small cobblestone walkway and tried the knob. I found it
unlocked and let myself in. Walking into the living room, I found
Papi deeply engaged in a conversation with two big Spanish dudes
who looked like they were real unhappy about being there. Once they
spotted me the conversation ceased.
    “I didn’t mean to interrupt, I will let
myself out.” I said feeling awkward for walking in unannounced. I
quickly started to make my exit.
    Papi hopped up out of the seat he was in.
“No, we were just finishing up.” He said looking around nervously.
There was definitely something wrong with the meeting they were
having. Papi’s face was covered in beads of perspiration, and his
company looked as though they had murder on their minds.
    “Si, Finito. Recordar lo que dije. Tener mi
dinero o vamos a cortar tus bolas y a alimentarlas a tu novia
hermosa después de que nosotros violación múltiple ella.” Said the
bigger of the two men.
    A look of sheer horror danced

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