Discovered (The Shalean Moon)

Discovered (The Shalean Moon) by J. Lilley Read Free Book Online

Book: Discovered (The Shalean Moon) by J. Lilley Read Free Book Online
Authors: J. Lilley
have to get used to.
    They weren’t paying any attention to him, just to each other.
    And Leira reckons she isn’t interested in Donny. Huh, and I’m not Shalean!
    Suddenly he’d had enough. So much was happening. Rach turning up at school; exams; and only yesterday his dad hinting it was time for his training in the Sept to move up a level. He needed to have space to himself to think about it all.
    ‘Leira, it’s time to go.’
    She left Donny without a backward glance, and they moved slowly into the trees.
    ‘I need to speak to Rach alone tomorrow. When is your free period?’ He knew he could trust Leira to help him.
    ‘Second. Why?’
    ‘Will you cover for her, please? I can get out of my P.E. class, and I’ll take her somewhere to talk.’
    Leira growled her assent, and Brios was pleased. He didn’t want Rach to get into trouble, but he needed to speak with her somewhere where they wouldn’t be interrupted, and he couldn’t think of a better way to do it. Somehow he didn’t think her dad would say yes if he asked him his permission, so he’d do something he hadn’t done very often and skip a lesson. He had a sudden thought.
    ‘This is one occasion where you most definitely don’t do as I do Lei, promise?’
    He could see the smirk on her jowls as she rumbled her assent.
    In the end it was easier than he thought to get Rach to meet him. As he entered the school foyer she was standing to one side.
    Waiting for me? He liked to think so.
    He could tell without any Shalean sensing whatsoever that she was not happy. Struan was standing much too close to her and trying to have a conversation. He watched as one finger jabbed Struan sharply in the chest.
    “Look, I’m not interested.” Jab. “Get it?” Jab. “I do not want to go dancing, to the pictures or even hold a conversation with you.” Jab, jab, jab. “You’re talking of things about which you know nothing, and as well as that you’re a rude, jumped-up little shit. Now sod off, or I’ll make you. Ever had a schoolbag in the balls? Because, now’s your chance.” There were a couple more jabs for emphasis.
    Brios reminded himself never to upset her. She sounded dangerous, and it seemed her temper matched her hair. So did the color of Struan’s face. He scowled when he saw Brios walking up.
    “Might have known you’d get your nose in somewhere,” Struan remarked nastily. “Always got to be showing off somehow.” He flicked his finger over Rach’s cheek, and before Brios could retaliate, Rach did it for him. The schoolbag swung through the air and Struan went down like the proverbial log hugging himself.
    “Next time you touch me I’ll send your balls where the sun doesn’t shine,” Rach said softly so no teacher could hear, before dropping her schoolbag and just missing the curled up Struan again. “That was a warning; no strength behind it. Watch out if I do use some effort.”
    Then she spoke loudly for the benefit of a couple of passing teachers, and ignoring the giggles of some of the pupils in the area. “Oh gosh, I’m so sorry. Oh clumsy me. Are you all right? I didn’t drop it on anything that matters did I?”
    Her answer was a gurgle. The first-aid assistant hurried up and shooed Rach and Brios away.
    “Horrible little toad. Next time …”
    “There won’t be a next time Rach, I promise you. Look,” Brios said urgently, “we need to talk. Can you meet me at the end of first period? If you can get to the side gate I’ll pick you up. Please Rach, it’s really important; just this once. Leira will cover for you.” Slowly she nodded and he heaved a sigh of relief.
    Struan sent hate darts in Rach’s direction as the concerned assistant helped him to his feet. With a swift backward glance, Brios walked rapidly up the stairs to his registration room. He knew he’d have to keep a close eye on him.
    Brios ignored everyone, and was pulled up by his teacher for not paying attention. Economics was one of his strongest

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