Discovery of Death

Discovery of Death by A P Fuchs Read Free Book Online

Book: Discovery of Death by A P Fuchs Read Free Book Online
Authors: A P Fuchs
trust me,” she said.
    “ How?”
    “ Ooh, can I take him?” Cassie said, suddenly at his side as well. “You took Wil, Mom. Let me take Zach.”
    “ Take me where?”
    Mira simply smiled. “Up.”
    Cassie pulled Zach to his feet by the hands. Her strength was incredible. With a huge grin she said, “You’re going to love this.”
    She led him by the hand and the two made their way up the crypt’s stone steps to the door leading to the mausoleum proper. Once through, Zach glanced at the stacked coffins and wondered if these folks were vampires, too. Once out in the graveyard, he was surprised at how clearly he saw in the dark. Each tombstone was bright gray, the shadows stretching out across the grass as black as pitch. The bark of the trees dotting the rows of the dead was as crisp and clear as if he was looking at them in broad daylight.
    “ Ready?” Cassie said, obviously eager for something.
    He furrowed his brow. “Ready for what?”
    She giggled.
    Suddenly, Wil burst through the mausoleum’s door, his face beaming as well. “I don’t want to miss this.”
    Soon Mira and Rain were standing outside the door with him. “Neither do we,” Rain said. “A vampire’s first flight is a special occasion.”
    First flight? Zach thought.
    “ Yes, first flight,” Cassie said. She gave him a wink. “We can read minds, too, remember?”
    Zach looked to Wil. Wil said, “It’s true. You will, too. Took me awhile but it eventually came.” After a pause. “Kind of annoying in crowded places, though. Still learning how to turn it off and on.”
    Zach bit his lip, half-expecting to bite through the flesh, but then remembered that right now there were no fangs in his mouth.
    “ Don’t listen to him,” Cassie said. “You ready?”
    “ I don’t even know what to say right now,” Zach said.
    “ Just say yes.”
    “ Okay, um, yes?”
    “ Now click your heels and say, ‘There’s no place like the sky. There’s no place like the sky.’”
    “ What?”
    “ Cassie!” Mira’s voice was like ice. To Zach, “Pay her no mind, my son. She’s just excited.”
    “ I see.”
    Cassie took his hand in hers. “Sorry. It’s really not that hard. You just need to understand that you can do this. That’s the key. You. Can. Do. This. Now, close your eyes.”
    He did. “Now what?”
    No answer.
    “ Cassie?” Zach opened his eyes. He was in the sky, the earth below hidden by clouds beneath his feet.
    Screaming, he flailed his arms, toppled backward in the air and began to fall. Wind rushed by him. Everything went gray-white as he fell through the clouds, then suddenly he watched as those same clouds grew further and further away as he tumbled toward the earth.
    “ Close your eyes,” a female voice shouted from next to him. Cassie floated over him, somehow keeping herself in the air just above him even as he fell. “You need to relax.”
    Zach could only scream.
    “ Zach! Do you want to die?”
    His eyes went wide.
    “ Shut ’em!”
    He squeezed his eyes shut, expecting at any moment for the sudden impact of hitting the ground.
    The wind stopped whistling by his ears. The ground never came.
    “ Open your eyes,” Cassie said.
    He did. He was on his back, hovering some fifty feet or so above the earth, the cemetery tombstones like gray pebbles below him. “How?”
    “ It’s instinct . . . but you need to relax. Closing your eyes helps. Fools your brain into removing yourself from what’s really going on by removing sight. You still know you’re falling, but with that momentary calmness in the mind, it allows your survival instinct to take over and stop your descent.”
    He absorbed the moment. Hovering there, it was like floating in water. There was substance beneath him, but nothing nearly as solid as the ground. It was a cushion of air. It was freedom.
    “ How—” He started and leaned forward. His body did ninety degrees and he went upright. “How did I get so high so fast?”
    Cassie floated

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