Disgraced Cowboys (Lone Wolves of Shay Falls 3) [Siren Publishing Ménage Amour]

Disgraced Cowboys (Lone Wolves of Shay Falls 3) [Siren Publishing Ménage Amour] by J. Rose Allister Read Free Book Online

Book: Disgraced Cowboys (Lone Wolves of Shay Falls 3) [Siren Publishing Ménage Amour] by J. Rose Allister Read Free Book Online
Authors: J. Rose Allister
Tags: Romance
those long legs between her thighs, her wriggling and fighting in panicked desperation until she felt the inevitable, sickening thrust of unwanted invasion.
    “Oh, God,” she whispered, her stomach twisting as a wave of nausea hit.
    She backed away from him, her eyes wide and a hand out in a feeble attempt to stop him. The sight of her naked and trembling altered his entire demeanor, but not the in the way she expected. He averted his eyes and leaned over to yank the faded brown spread from the bed, which he held out to her. She clutched the blanket tight to her front, her mouth gaping open.
    He took a step back, keeping his eyes trained elsewhere while she wrapped the bedspread around herself. Then he gestured for her to sit on the edge of the bed.
    “Please,” he said. “I just have a couple questions.”
    Her heart was slamming against her sternum, and her gaze slid quickly to the door. She could run, but she’d never make it. She let her unsteady legs collapse beneath her until her backside was more or less seated on the mattress. The man towered over her this way, filling the room with a bulk and manner that reminded her a good deal of another dark-haired werewolf she knew.
    He wore leathers over his pale blue jeans, and a red T-shirt stretched so tight over his chest that it called the fabric’s ability not to tear into question. A strip of his dark hair had been shaved clean over one ear, revealing a wicked tribal-style tattoo on his scalp. Despite his claim of not being a criminal, he definitely had bad-guy written on him. Except for the part where he’d covered her up and promised not to hurt her.
    She shuddered at a distant but ever-accessible memory of a man who’d done the exact opposite, and she fought back a prickle of tears.
    Marcus, where are you? She thought loudly in her head.
    The man pulled up a vacant chair, which he flipped around and sat in backward. “Now, then, let’s start over, all hospitable-like. I need to talk to the man you entertained here. When will he be back?”
    She blinked. “Who?”
    He gave a disapproving shake of the head. “Wrong answer.”
    She shifted on the bed, seating herself more securely. “I don’t know who the hell you think you’re talking to, but I don’t ‘entertain’ men in my motel room. No one’s ever here but me.”
    “That so?” The wooden chair creaked as he leaned over to snatch something off the back of the other chair. “What’s this?”
    She swallowed as he held out the duster. “Maybe it’s mine.”
    The half smile came back. His nostrils flared briefly as he pressed his nose to the fabric. “You don’t smell like the man I’m lookin’ for. This does.”
    Brandi tried for a nonchalant shrug. “So, I found that and brought it home. Is that a crime? Are you the law or something?”
    “As far as he’s concerned, I’m the law.” She blinked in shock at the words, so similar to what Marcus had told her just a few days before. “To you, the ‘or somethin’’ will do.” He stood up, again dwarfing the room. The duster was clutched in his hand, down near his side. “You work at the strip club two blocks up the highway, don’t you?”
    She stiffened. “Again with the assumptions. Why is it that if a woman’s got long legs and a big rack, men think she must be a giant slut?”
    “No offense, ma’am.” He tipped a finger to the hat that was no longer there. “But I saw your photo up on the wall when I was there yesterday.”
    “Oh.” Her shoulders slumped. “What’s it to you where I work?”
    He tilted his head and regarded her thoughtfully. “There was a bit of a scrap over at that club the other night. Don’t suppose you know anythin’ about it?”
    She met his unsettling stare head-on. Lying wasn’t exactly getting her very far with this guy. Might as well switch to half truths. “I was there. So?”
    “So,” he said, again holding up the duster, “this man and some other, uh, friends of mine were involved. What

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