DJ's Mission
same time. When the sheriff position came open, he ran for election
with a very flashy and expensive campaign. He won the election by a narrow
margin. That was the only time in the last seventeen years that he came even
close to losing.”
    DJ pulled up the file on Sheriff Jeffery
    He had served in Fleet and his last duty station
was the UNCF Arizona which was destroyed by friendly fire during the war. Punching
in a different query, it seems that the retired Admiral Roger Thomas just so
happened to be the commanding officer of the Arizona when it went down.
Coincidence? He doubted it.
    “Anything else?”
    “According to records, within two years of
Kassinger’s election the size of the Saturn Sheriffs tripled. Most of the
original sheriffs chose to leave although exact employment records are
unavailable. There are numerous complaints going back ten years concerning use
of force issues. The Galactic Marshals investigated every claim but determined
that the complaints were unfounded and false.”
    Considering what DJ knew about the recently
disbanded Galactic Marshals, it seemed more likely that someone got paid off to
make sure that they ruled in favor of the Saturn Sheriffs. Another question
nagged him. “Have they always used the stylized lightning bolt double S for
their symbol?”
    “Accessing. No, the originally design was a simple
picture of the planet Saturn and its rings with their name above and below. The
current design was adopted ten years ago, shortly after the armistice with the
    DJ nodded. Once the war was over and the veterans
began returning home, there would’ve been an influx of settlers and traffic to
the system. According to Iaido, Titan Avionics is ultimately the power behind
the Saturn Sheriffs and since they controlled the local media it would’ve been
easy to slip a uniform and design change past the public, especially something
so controversial.
    When Aeolus didn’t elaborate further, DJ turned
his attention back to his cover story to make sure it was committed to memory.
He had to smile at the creativity of his friend. Iaido had originally created a
complete back story and credentials for his bounty hunter persona, Rote Falken.
But with the imposter stepping in and seizing the name, he also had a whole
string of marks that had been taken down that could be claimed.
    The only major difference between the two Falcons
would be the ships. He had the Aetós, the Red Falcon’s original ship. DJ bet that
if he looked at the registry of the Aetós, which he was certain the SS would
do, it was in the name of Rote Falken. However, all the recent sightings of the
Falcon were in a different ship. DJ found himself nodding as he looked over the
stats on the imposter’s ship. According to Athena’s notes, the upstart Falcon
was using a red and black Kestrel Mk3. They were a very reliable FALC – Fast
Attack Landing Craft – with twin oscillating jet engines that made it fully
capable for VTOL – vertical takeoff and landing - and STOL – short takeoff and
landing capable. He’d ridden in a few during the war and had no complaints
about the aircraft. He had a few complaints about some of the hellholes the
Coalition dropped him in but that was another subject altogether.
    DJ turned his attention back to the data
concerning his target and shook his head at the slip-up. He tapped his forehead
several times as he repeated to himself…mark, mark, mark. Shooters have
targets, bounty hunters have marks. It was just one of a few details he needed
to get straight to pull off his cover story.
    Back to his mark. El Gato, translated from Spanish
as The Cat . That was his mark’s nom de plume. Not much was known about
him. It was assumed to a ‘him’ since El Gato was the masculine connotation of
the title but couldn’t be confirmed since he’d never been captured. Iaido had a
few leads and contacts listed for him to check out, supposedly for tracking
down El Gato but in reality

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