Dom for Sale

Dom for Sale by Christine d'Abo Read Free Book Online

Book: Dom for Sale by Christine d'Abo Read Free Book Online
Authors: Christine d'Abo
Tags: Erótica
myself sink into the pain, the pleasure. He owned my body now and I loved it.
    The chain dangled between my breasts and pulled my nipples even as it bound me together. The pain hadn’t dulled so much as transformed into something I wasn’t fully able to wrap my head around. My gaze had fallen once more to where the clamps squeezed my sensitive flesh between the black rubber ends. The skin was beet red and distended into an odd shape. The contrast of the black and the silver of the chain was mesmerizing.
    Master Gareth hadn’t moved since clamping me. I’m not sure if he was waiting for me to say red or something, but I wasn’t about to. It felt too good to stop.
    I was never going to stop.
    When I met his gaze, I could tell he was checking to see if I was too out of it to continue. I’m not sure how he would be able to tell if I was. Maybe it’s like how a parent can always tell that a child is about to do something stupid when the house is too quiet.
    I licked my lips but didn’t quite have the energy to smile. I wasn’t sure it was totally appropriate at any rate.
    “Please Sir. I-I can take more. I-I-I need to try. To see.” Yeah, I remembered that he said begging wasn’t likely to get me what I wanted, but hell, he needed to know that I was still on board with the program. If nothing else, I hoped it would prove that I was very pleased with my purchase and wanted to take things to the next level.
    Because while getting tied up and clamped was pretty fucking great, I was more than aware there were far better things we could be doing here.
    Despite his earlier words, Master Gareth did reach out and cup my cheek. His caress was gentle, reassuring and confusing. I wasn’t expecting a man as large as him, let alone a Dom, to touch me like this. Something flashed across his face, but it went too fast and quite frankly, I was too out of it to clue in to what it could possibly mean.
    Maybe it was simply that moment when he felt a connection to me. I assumed it happened all the time.
    Whatever it was, the mood shifted when he stepped back and straightened to his full height. “Liz, I want you to turn around and face the wall. Don’t move once you’re in position.”
    Hell yeah.
    It wasn’t a big move, but for some reason my head spun along with my body. I tried to take a deep breath as he’d prompted earlier and pulled in a bit of extra air, but that sent another burst of lovely pain through my nipples. My pussy was still swollen and I could feel my wetness starting to cover my inner thighs. If I didn’t get to come soon I was going to explode.
    And not the in good way.
    “Now that is a beautiful ass.”
    I groaned when his hands cupped my cheeks and gave my ass a good, hard squeeze. Master Gareth pulled at the flesh, exposing my hole to him. God, I was blushing again. I dropped my head forward and closed my eyes. How the hell could he look at me like that?
    “Of course it’s beautiful, Liz. You’re a healthy woman who clearly looks after herself.”
    I jerked my head up then and tried to look at him over my shoulder. How the hell…?
    He chuckled once more and I knew I was growing addicted to the sound of that low rumble of amusement. “I’ve been around enough naked women to know that first time you all think the same thing. You’ve got too much around the middle. Your thighs are too big, ass too wide, cellulite. Why would a man want to see you with the lights on?”
    “But you forget most men find your bodies beautiful no matter the shape. Your curves and bumps, the things you see as imperfections mark you as unique. We want to learn every inch of you, memorize what makes you moan and sigh.”
    As he spoke, Master Gareth slid his hand down the length of my leg, teasing the back of my knee, and cupped my calf. I shivered when he reached my ankle. Anything from that point down was basically a giant erogenous zone for me. He must have picked up on it and gave me a slight squeeze. “See. This is as

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