Doubt (The Connected Series Book 1)

Doubt (The Connected Series Book 1) by K.A. Hobbs Read Free Book Online

Book: Doubt (The Connected Series Book 1) by K.A. Hobbs Read Free Book Online
Authors: K.A. Hobbs
    “What Sophie? What do you want?” he murmurs against my sensitive flesh.
    “Make me come!”
    I am so past begging, I just want to come. As the tension began to build, his hand comes up to pinch my nipple between his fingers, sucking my clit inside his mouth and I explode, yelling my release, not caring if anyone hears. Suddenly, Doug’s fingers are gone and his hot cock is plunging inside me. 
    “Oh god! ” the feeling was out of this world, I was still pulsing and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was tipping over the edge again.
    “Fuck, Sophie, get up here!” he pulls me into his arms, continuing to thrust into me, smashing his mouth against mine, speeding up he reaches between us, finding my still sensitive clit and rubbing.
    “Doug, stop, it’s too much!”
    He doesn’t listen, only kissing me again and pounding away. Suddenly and without warning, I come, harder and faster than ever before, Doug, feeling me clench around him gives two more thrusts then empties himself into me, burying his face in the crook of my neck. 
    “Fucking hell, that was the sexiest fucking thing in the fucking world!” he groans covering his eyes.
    “Stop swearing.” I admonish laughing.
    “You can’t wear that...” he gestures at my outfit, “Come in here and suck me off like that and not expect me to swear!” I kiss his nose and hop off the desk.
    “I’m so glad you have a bathroom in your office, I can’t go out there like this.” I laugh gesturing to my almost naked form.
    “Damn right you can’t.” he scowls tucking himself in.

    Chapter Six
    “How did you know I wanted this for lunch?” Doug asks, finishing the last of his sandwich. 
    “You always have the same, every time . It wasn’t difficult to work out.” I smile, popping a grape into my mouth.
    “That boring huh?” he grins at me.
    “A little.” I wink. Lunch was delicious, and getting to spend some time with Doug was even better.
    “Are we still going out tonight?” he asks, putting the empty lunch things into the bin.
    “I’m not sure I want to share you tonight after all, I have to share you all weekend.” I pout. I don’t get enough time just the two of us, when one of us isn’t tired from work.
    “We can stay in. I’m more than happy with that.” he leans down, pressing a kiss to my head. 
    “Shall I meet you back at yours tonight? I need to get a few things from home first.” I wanted to get some clothes, check my post.
    “Sounds like a plan.” he seems relaxed, but that soon stops when his phone buzzes, he glances down and his face is instantly filled with tension.
    “I need to get this... “ He looks regretfully up at me and I know, he wants me to go.
    “I’ll see you later.”
    Trying to keep the look of hurt from my face, I get up. He reaches out, pulling me into him, planting his lips on mine.
    “Thank you for lunch.” he murmurs between kisses.
    “I’ll see you later.” turning to leave, I hear him answer the phone.
    “Jane, how are you?”
    I chance a glance back at him and his eyes meet mine, they are cautious, and the smile he flashes me doesn’t quite meet his eyes. I nod with a smile and close the door. Stepping into the lift my phone bleeps, alerting me to a text. 
    Can’t wait for tomorrow. My birthday and time with my fave girl. Meet at Bocca di Lupo at 7.30. X 
    Bocca di Lupo, yummy! I shall wear my BIG knickers :) X
    Firing off a quick reply to Miley, I make my way out of Doug’s office building and to my car. I crank up the volume on the drive to my flat singing along to the songs on the radio. Parking my car, I dash into my flat and out of the rain. Opening the front door, I collect the post from the floor and dump my bag and jacket in the kitchen. I slip off my shoes and walk into the bedroom. I really do need to get my stuff sorted

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