Downpour (Alpha Love - A Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance Book 1)

Downpour (Alpha Love - A Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance Book 1) by Olivia Stephens Read Free Book Online

Book: Downpour (Alpha Love - A Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance Book 1) by Olivia Stephens Read Free Book Online
Authors: Olivia Stephens
have you been? We tried to reach you on the comms, but it was just radio silence. All this nature but no friggin’ cell towers!” Finn throws his hands in the air to show his frustration, a feeling that’s clearly not shared by the local cops.
    “I lost my way.” Sofie shrugs, wishing that she didn’t have such a big audience. “The compass was going crazy, and then—with the rain everything just looked the same.” She looks down at her boots caked in mud, ready to be berated by Darwin.
    “How did you get here? We were about to send the search party out, but the brave 5-0 wanted to wait until it got light. Some stupid fairy tale about wolves.” Finn waves at the cops dismissively. They glower at him, and Sofie tries to send him a message just with her eyes to keep his mouth shut.
    “Where are the samples?” Darwin asks. Of course, once he confirmed that she was okay, the next most important thing is the samples.
    “They’re umm...” Sofie turns around to go back to Ashton’s truck; but, there’s no need, the big man is already standing behind her. “Jesus Christ, you really need to stop doing that.” She shakes her head, wondering how the guy moves so silently, like his feet don’t even touch the floor.
    “Guessing this is what you’re looking for.” He holds up the backpack, like it doesn’t weigh anything. Sofie gratefully takes hold of it, wondering why she feels like her face is probably turning an unattractive shade of beetroot.
    “Thanks.” Her voice is barely audible, and she looks over at Finn—whose eyes seem like they’re about to burst out of their sockets. “Ashton found me and brought me back.” Sofie tells the shortest version of the story possible, not wanting to enter into any more details.
    “Sofie, I’m glad you’re alright. Officers, you’re not needed. Thank you for your time.” Darwin waves them away, like a man that is used to having his orders followed. “I have to go call Shale. I’d reported you missing, and the PR guys were running around like headless chickens worried about tomorrow’s papers.” Darwin shakes his head ruefully and shuffles off in the direction of the hotel muttering something about ‘nitwits.’
    “Shale? As in Shale Oil & Gas?” Ashton says the words as if they disgust him, and the way that he looks at Sofie makes her shrink back.
    Why does it matter so much that I feel like I’ve disappointed him? I don’t owe him anything . Well, apart from my safety and potentially my life after all that. She just nods, trying to keep her head held high instead of shrinking back from his gaze.
    “I thought you said you were a scientist, not a gold digger?” Ashton’s condemnation of her job strikes a chord and makes her feel even worse about the idea of drillers coming to Spring Canyon than she already does.
    “Hey, man, ease up!” Finn weighs in, putting his hand on Sofie’s shoulder protectively. His skinniness against Ashton’s muscles is almost cartoon-like.
    “Ted, why don’t you guys take the old man’s advice and get out of here. It’s getting late,” Ashton says, shaking one of the officer’s hands. Then, as if by magic, they all file into their cop cars and head out.
    It’s clear—even to an outsider—that Ashton commands respect from the people around him. He’s not surprised by their reaction, and he’s obviously used to people doing what he tells them to do. He turns around to head back to his truck, and Sofie can’t help but feel like he’s just turned his back on them.
    Finn nudges Sofie out of her conflicting emotions and guides her gently towards the motel. But there’s something that she still wants to say. She spins around, and her voice stops her rescuer in his tracks. “Ashton, I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for finding me tonight.” Her voice is steady and sounds stronger than she thought it would. She tries to keep the yearning out of her eyes. She

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