Dragon Fever

Dragon Fever by Elsa Jade Read Free Book Online

Book: Dragon Fever by Elsa Jade Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elsa Jade
Tags: BBW dragon shifter paranormal romance
upstairs, she’d hit the jackpot down here. How had she gotten so damn lucky?
    The width of his heavy shoulders narrowed to lean hips and a triangular thatch of dark hair that framed the thick shaft of his erection thrusting upright to his navel. The soft foliage of the garden behind him and the exotic tilework only made his utter maleness more enticing. Piper licked her lips in anticipation and blushed when his cock swelled up another degree.
    “Oh,” she said faintly. “ Por el amor de Dios …”
    “You’re not going to run off now, are you?” When he put his fists on his hips, the blunt head of his penis waggled in disapproval.
    “Not hardly,” she said.
    “Very hard,” he countered.
    She giggled. Maybe a little hysterically. She put her fingers over her lips and stared at him.
    “Come here.” He crooked his finger at her and she felt it like he’d touched her mouth. No, she felt it like he’d roped her whole body and soul and was slowly reeling her in. “I want to see you too.”
    Step by step, she closed the distance between them. The heat of his bare skin all but scorched her, right through her clothes. If she was naked too…
    She looked up at the stars far above. “Can anyone else see?”
    He reached out and wrapped his hand gently around her throat. “Do you want others to see us?”
    She gave a little shake of her head, as much as she could against the confines of his grasp. “No. No one else.”
    “That’s good,” he murmured. “Very good. Because I should warn you: I don’t share. What’s mine is mine.”
    An irresistible shudder wracked her, and she felt as if only his touch was holding her upright.
    He tilted his head. “You’re shy.”
    “No. I…” She swallowed against his palm. “I’m just not good at this.”
    He stroked his hand up the column of her throat to brush his knuckles over her cheek. “You are perfect at this.”
    A strange heat followed his touch, and she leaned into him. “It was the wine.” Which had worn off long ago, she realized, burned away like morning fog. “Where’s the rest of it?”
    He tsked. “I don’t want to fuck the empty bottle. I want to light you up.” His glittering gaze raked her. “But where to start…”
    She swayed, lightheaded not with booze but with lust. “Rave,” she whispered. “I need you to touch me. All over. Make me burn.”
    With a strangled curse in some language she didn’t know, he stripped her bare, skirt and sweater banished, Danskos landing somewhere behind her with a clunk. His hands were everywhere, and still she wanted more. Sparks and lightning and full-on bonfires bloomed everywhere he touched, and her cleft was drenched with dampness, as if trying to put out the flames. But she wanted the fire as she’d never wanted anything before, with a pure and simple desire for pleasure.
    He was teasing her, she knew, though his jaw was tight with the effort of holding himself back. When he was done, he stood back, eyeing her. Her skin prickled everywhere his gaze passed, each tiny hair rising and falling in a wave as if at his wordless command. But she didn’t feel exposed, she felt freed, like Eve wandering the garden before the Fall. And she already knew where the snake was…
    “Where’s the rubber tree?”
    Rave grunted. “Hold on.” He twisted around to reach for his jeans. He’d draped their clothes over the ledge that framed the pool. He withdrew the foil square. “I feel I must explain. I saw you on the security cameras. That is why I went to find this before I found you.”
    Okay, that made her feel a little exposed. But she put one hand on her canted hip, letting him get an eyeful of what the cameras hadn’t seen. “I guess the house really does always win.”
    “I’ll make sure you get your fair share.” He sat back on the ledge, his thighs spread. “Come to me.”
    She hastened toward him and he took her hand, guiding her to kneel astride his lap, facing him. The tile under her knees was

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