Dream Date With the Millionaire

Dream Date With the Millionaire by Melissa McClone Read Free Book Online

Book: Dream Date With the Millionaire by Melissa McClone Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melissa McClone
Tags: Fiction, General, Romance, Contemporary
    Bryce laughed. “Tell me about your job. Your profile says you’re in sales.”
    “Yes, I am.” She pushed up the sleeve of her sweatshirt and checked her watch. “Oh. Would you look at the time? This has been great, but I really need to be going.”
    “So soon?” Without answering his question. He shouldn’t have been surprised.
    “Yes.” But the regret flickering in her eyes appeared genuine. “I’m sorry.”
    “Me, too.” He didn’t know what to make of her odd contradictions. “I don’t even know your real name. I’m guessing it might be Dani, based on your user name.”
    She bit her lip. “Does it matter?”
    Yes. No. “Not really, but I’m Bryce.”
    He didn’t say his last name. He couldn’t. One visit to Google, and she’d know exactly who he was.
    Her face clouded with uneasiness. “I’m Dani.”
    “Thanks, Dani.” He might like her, but her evasiveness had raised his suspicions. Bryce knew better than to trust her, but he wasn’t ready to say goodbye just yet. He wanted to learn more about her. Who was he kidding? He wanted to see her again. “Would you like to have dinner with me? Tomorrow night?”
    “I’d like that,” Dani said. “But tomorrow doesn’t work for me.”
    “Got a date?” he teased.
    She wet her lips. “Actually, I do.”
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    Engishcrumpet: So he’s attractive?
    Sanfrandani: Yes. His profile picture doesn’t do him justice. You can’t tell how green his eyes are. Or how nice his smile is. Or see the slight bump on his nose that makes him look a little rugged.
    Kangagirl: Bryce sounds yummy.
    Sanfrandani: I wouldn’t mind a taste.
    Who was she kidding? She wouldn’t mind gobbling him all up. But he appealed to her on a variety of levels, both physical as well as emotional. She’d felt a connection with him. One she wanted to explore further. If only she could…
    Kangagirl: Go for it!
    Englishcrumpet: Unless you already have.
    Sanfrandani: I haven’t. We only had coffee. I hardly know him.
    Kangagirl: Sounds like you should get to know him better.
    Englishcrumpet: When do you see him again?
    Sanfrandani: He said he’d be in touch. But after I told him I had another date, I doubt I’ll hear back from him.
    And that bothered Dani. More than she wanted to admit. He’d had a funny look on his face when she’d told him about her upcoming date. Maybe she shouldn’t have told him the truth, but his dinner invitation had taken her by surprise. The entire meeting had, really. She kept replaying their conversation in her mind. Not that it mattered with her job and all.
    Sanfrandani: It’s no big deal. Remember, this is market research.
    At least that was what Dani kept reminding herself as she had checked her in-box for the umpteenth time. Not that she expected Bryce to contact her after saying goodbye to her this morning, but on the off chance he had…
    Kangagirl: You could always ask him out.
    Englishcrumpet: That’s a brilliant idea, Marissa.
    Sanfrandani: I can’t. Not unless I wanted to lie to him or tell him the truth about why I joined the site and risk losing my job. And now, with my boss wanting me to go out with any guy who contacts me, it’s just too complicated.
    Kangagirl: Maybe, but look at Rick and me. That was complicated. You have to remember, if it’s meant to be, it’ll work out.
    Englishcrumpet: That’s right. I never expected to fall inlove again, let alone get married and have another baby. You never know how things will work out, Dani.
    Kangagirl: So don’t give up hope.
    Dani wanted to believe her friends, yet she had her doubts. And the guilt kept building. Her life had felt like a lie for half a year now. The job, the spying, now the dating.
    She thought about the man she was meeting tomorrow night for dinner. Gymguy

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