Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open (Hollywood Legends #2)

Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open (Hollywood Legends #2) by Mary J. Williams Read Free Book Online

Book: Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open (Hollywood Legends #2) by Mary J. Williams Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mary J. Williams
searching for the
    long-forgotten screenplay, he didn’t have a plan beyond reading it again. When
    he found it in an unmarked box in the back corner, he felt like he had
    uncovered a priceless treasure.
    It was only as he read the words that Erin had spent hours
    crafting that the germ of an idea began to form. He could follow through on the
    dream she put aside. Her words the way she saw them. Up on the screen for the
    world to see.
    Erin’s name in bold letters. A permanent tribute. A love
    letter from him to the woman who had changed his life for the better.
    Chuck started the project in secret. He didn’t want to face
    the inevitable questions or deal with any negativity and doubts. Especially
    from Paige.
    He knew she worried about him. Paige was a loving, caring
    daughter. Strong. Independent. She grew up running free on the ranch. Her
    mother had called her a beautiful soul. He called her stubborn and opinionated.
    She was used to doing things her own way.
    A perfect example was when Erin was diagnosed with terminal
    cancer. Paige was in Illinois attending Northwestern University on a full
    scholarship. Three months to go and she would have her Bachelor’s degree in
    Their girl had her mother’s way with horses. Where she got
    her head for finance, neither of her parents knew. Paige saw a bright future
    ahead. They would branch out. Expand.
    College wasn’t necessary for that. Paige was smart enough to
    learn everything she needed to know without traveling halfway across the
    country. Furthering her education wasn’t about expanding her brain. It was
    about seeing something outside of Montana.
    Basic was home. She loved it there. However, Paige had
    always had a wandering heart. She didn’t have to tell her parents. They knew
    she was restless. Like Paige, they saw college as a way for her to decide if
    she wanted to settle down on the Double C.
    Chuck and Erin wanted their only child to be happy. Going
    away to college was the perfect way to explore a different way of life. Many different ways of life. If Paige decided Montana was what she wanted, they
    would welcome her back with open arms. If her future was someplace else, so be
    it. They wouldn’t lose their girl simply because she was no longer down the
    Dreams were funny things. Chuck’s had always been on the
    ranch. Hollywood was a detour. When he came back, he appreciated his home that
    much more. Erin’s dreams shifted over the years. Writer. Teacher. Horsewoman.
    She happily left the first two behind, adding wife and mother along the way.
    Paige had always been a wildcard. She spoke of spending her
    life on the Double C, but her yearning to see the world warred with the rural
    life she would have if she chose Montana.
    Erin’s cancer put a halt to everyone’s dreams. Their world
    became rooted in a tragic reality no one could ignore.
    Paige insisted on leaving school to help take care of her
    mother. Erin didn’t want her to leave school when she was so close to
    finishing. When it came to a battle of wills, it was no contest. Paige was on
    the first flight home.
    Erin could have put up more of an argument except for one
    thing. She and Paige knew her time was limited. They wanted to spend it
    together. It was a beautifully tragic and bittersweet year. They spent it as a
    loving family.
    When Erin couldn’t fight any longer and the time came for
    her to let go, Paige and Chuck were by her side, holding her hand.
    Chuck broke. Paige became stronger. Not that she didn’t miss
    her mother. She did. Every day. But unlike Chuck, Paige looked at life with a
    new sense of urgency. Her mother’s death taught her that tomorrow wasn’t a
    given. There were no guarantees, no matter your age.
    Paige didn’t return to school. Over the next year, between
    working hard on the Double C and researching the best way to build up the
    business, she completed her degree online.
    Chuck was glad Paige kept busy — that she had a vision

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