Earth Enchanted

Earth Enchanted by Brynna Curry Read Free Book Online

Book: Earth Enchanted by Brynna Curry Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brynna Curry
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Paranormal
obviously more close to his age than Liv’s, and he stood nearly eight inches taller, but the resemblance was clear if you ignored the coloring. Where hers was dark, his was fair. Their easy way with one another attested to the closeness of family. “Hi, Jack.” She smiled at him, switching Ryan’s arm for Jack’s hand. It surprised him for a moment to feel the jolt of current in the contact.
    “Hi, yourself.” He had dressed in black slacks and a white dress shirt. No tie, but he’d thrown on his leather jacket. The nights could still get chilly, though the days were the devil’s paradise. The stray thought occurred to him that it was what he would have worn to the old office.
    She gave Ryan a fleeting smile. “Don’t worry, ‘Daddy.’ I’ll be back by curfew.”
    * * * *
    They had seafood while they talked about the world in general. Liv finished off her drink while Jack floated the topic back to her family.
    “Well,” she said, “my da, Michael, was born in the house where my mother still makes her home. He was a fisherman, and loved the ocean like a woman, until he met my ma. She’s American born and was barely nineteen when she visited our little corner of the world. They met one morning at sunrise on the docks, quite unintended of course. She’d come to watch the sunrise, he to set his boat to sea. A whirlwind couldn’t have picked them up any faster, as he used to tell.
    “They fell in love and married before the month was out. I look like him, you know, Ma is fair with pretty blond hair and green cat eyes. Anyhow, ten months later Ryan was born. Another five years gave them Skye and myself. They were always happy, whether hard times or good ones. As long as they had each other, the world was right.” Jack registered the sadness that flickered through her eyes, but set it aside for another time. Would they even have another time?
    “You must have a close family. You’re lucky, Liv, to still have them with you. My parents died about five years ago. I’m an only child. So now it’s just me, with my wife passed away. We were tight knit while we had each other so I guess that’s something.” She laid a hand gently over his. Jack felt a jolt shoot through his arm.
    “How awful for you, I know it hurts to lose someone you love. One evening when I was fifteen, I waited for my father’s little fishing boat to dock. I’d often go out on the water with him, you see, if I had no lessons, but he hadn’t come for me. The storm blew up so quickly and still he didn’t come. When the lightning came, Ma finally made me watch from the house. She was upset, and I knew in my heart something was terribly wrong.
    “Da never came home to us. I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew the exact moment he died. His boat washed up tattered and torn with none aboard or found. My ma grieved until we thought she’d die from it, but we leaned on each other and got through because there was no other choice for us. After that she’s always said she’s thankful for the time the Lord gave them to be with each other, and that she will see him again someday. For her, for some, there is only one love. This is how it was between them, and always will be, though he no longer walks beside her.”
    He knew, but looked at her pointedly and said, “Sometimes you can find someone who makes you happy and that’s enough.” Jack took a breath and let it out slowly. That was the last hope of normalcy he had left to cling to, whether he believed in it or not. “So you’re a writer, and Ryan’s an accountant. What does Skye do for a living? Is he a fisherman like your father?”
    The sound of her laughter set off visions of fairy harps in his mind. “He’s an artist. He paints, does clay sculptures. Skye creates with his hands, while I create with my head.” She tapped her temple as she spoke. “He also cooks, has strings of girls, but no one special. Moody like an artist is supposed to be. Still he can be counted on in a

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