Earth (The Invasion Trilogy Book 1)

Earth (The Invasion Trilogy Book 1) by Jessica Frances Read Free Book Online

Book: Earth (The Invasion Trilogy Book 1) by Jessica Frances Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jessica Frances
nine; Hannah was seven. Two years difference isn’t a long time, but for us, it had always been forever. We were so different from each other, and now she might be gone forever.
    I move around the front of the truck, my eyes staying away from any windows where I might see something I can never un-see. Hank has left the headlights on, helping me to notice a black haze in front of the truck. The sky is darkening overhead, but this feels different. There is definitely a wall of black haze in front of us.
    The sound of a door opening draws me back towards the car where Lisa steps out, patting her hair down at the back. Her lips are slightly swollen and her eyes are dazed. It’s obvious her and Hank have just been making out in the car.
    “Mattie?” she calls out my name.
    I move in front of her and give her an obvious stare. “You guys finished sucking face now?” Honestly, I’m not even annoyed. I’m happy that Lisa doesn’t look so desolate. I’m sure that awful look will return soon enough, especially once we enter Canada. For now, though, she looks almost content, so I’m happy for her and for Hank, too. They’re both my best friends.
    Lisa blushes at my words before I poke my head into the cab, seeing Hank appears to be in the same blissful state as Lisa. “Sorry about that. We should keep moving.”
    “Don’t be sorry, I just wish you guys had woken up to your feelings last year, and well away from me, for that matter.” I smile, squeezing her arm as she assesses my face to make sure I’m not actually mad.
    “We just sort of got lost in the moment . We’ll control ourselves better next time, I promise. I don’t want you to feel left out.”
    “Trust me; leave me out as much as possible. I don’t need to add to my nightmares. You’ve already reminded me that Hank isn’t a girl and has a penis. I don’t want to add anymore to that ,” I joke, watching Hank squirm in his seat. Lisa climbs back into the truck, and I stand at the open doorway. “I’m happy for you guys, truly.”
    I watch some of the tension leave Lisa’s body. She must have been worried how I would react.
    “I found something over here, something weird. Come have a look?” I stare at Hank.
    “Sure, you wait in here ,” he tells Lisa and then steps out of the truck, shutting the door before Lisa can offer a protest.
    I quickly move to meet him, not wanting to have to hear her complaining , too. As I round the truck, I catch Hank adjusting his pants and wince when I comprehend why.
    “What is that?” Hank figures out immediately what I wanted to show him.
    “I don’t know. Do you think it’ll be dangerous to go through?” I have images of being disintegrated as we move into the strange haze. The thought gives me shivers.
    “We haven’t even made it into Canada yet and we’re already finding the weird shit?” Hank complains then horrifyingly , he moves his arm directly into the darkness.
    “Hank! What the hell!” I gasp, holding my breath as I wait for his screams of agony.
    Instead , he moves his arm back through the haze and we both look it over using the light from the headlights to make sure nothing sinister has happened to him.
    He’s fine.
    “So this isn’t going to kill us, but I don’t know what it means. Keep going or turn back?” he asks me.
    “I don’t know , but I’m freaked out here.”
    “So am I . We keep that away from Lisa, okay?” He eyes me carefully, and I nod to say I agree. Lisa is barely handling this as it is, she does not need us stressing her out more.
    “So what do we do?”
    “I really want to see what is happening in Canada. We’re close to Vancouver, and I want to take a peek. I say we keep going.”
    “Okay .” I take a deep breath, trying to summon some inner strength.
    “You know we keep losing countries when they go silent and we can’t talk to them. Maybe that is what this dark haze does ; it cuts off communication.”
    “Maybe . Come on, let’s get back to the truck.

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