Ecstasy (A Contemporary Romance)
small frame. But now, having held her globes in his hands, even
only for a moment through her thin, damp cotton shirt, he knew
himself for the fool he was.
    Candace was definitely at D cup. At
    Slipping his hands between the plush velvet
coverlet and her shirt, he hooked his thumbs up under the hem of
her shirt and tugged it up over her tits. As he pushed the shirt
past her nipples and the tips of his fingers covered her tits, he
heard her rapid intake of breath and almost came in his jeans. He
was already breathing like he had run a marathon.
    “Put your arms up,” he whispered into her ear
and as she obeyed him he slid the tank top off of her body and
threw it to the floor.
    Candace turned her head to face him, but he
already had a plan of action and was not going to let her deter
him. Putting his hands on her rib cage, he lifted her torso
slightly off of the bed so that her nipples were just barely
touching the velvet.
    “I’m going to rub your tits against the cover
and I want you to focus all of your attention on how good it
    She nodded, just barely, showing him she
understood. He pressed his groin into her ass, which pressed her
mound into the velvet. He separated her legs with one of his and
her juices soaked through the denim covering his legs. Roughly, so
she could feel the coarse fabric pull and tug against her tender
lips, he moved his thigh up and down against her.
    Tightening his hold on her ribcage, he lifted
her torso up just high enough that her nipples floated just above
the velvet cover. “Your breasts are the only thing in the world
that matters, Candy. Forget about my thigh rubbing between you
legs. Forget about how much you want to turn around wrap your legs
around my waist.”
    She groaned and tried to protest, so he
squeezed her ribs tighter in his strong hands.
    “Do as I say,” he said forcefully. “It’s for
your own good.”
    Candace’s body tensed underneath him for a
split second before her hips started to buck wildly against his
leg. She was coming again, convulsing helplessly against his leg.
His mouth curved up into a steamy look of satisfaction as he drove
his thigh against her pussy and gave her what she wanted.
    The fierce rocking of her lower body blew
dozens of rose petals off of the bed, into the air and onto the
    The mingled scents of her pleasure and the
rose petals were a fragrance he knew he would never be able to
    But he still hadn’t forgotten his goal.
Before they left the room, before lesson one had come to its
incredible, unforgettable end, he wanted her to realize just how
sensitive a woman’s breasts were, so that she could write powerful
sex scenes in her books that left no part of the female body
    He almost laughed aloud as he realized what a
poor job he was doing of fooling himself that he cared one whit
about her writing skills at this moment as he lay over her, his
fingers mere inches from her tits, his leg practically jammed up
inside her cunt.
    They could offer him the fuckin’ Pulitzer
Prize right now and he wouldn’t care. Frankly, what he was doing in
his guest bedroom—what he and Candace were doing together—had
nothing to do with writing and everything to do with sex. And he
wanted Candace to experience sex in its most heightened form. With
    Still holding her rib cage in his large
hands, he began to slide her torso ever so slightly back and forth,
so just the tips of her breasts were rubbing up against the velvet
fabric on the bed. He thought about turning her over and taking her
tits into his mouth and sucking them, nipping them until she was
crying out again, and he barely kept his own needs reined in. But
what kind of teacher would he be if he changed the lesson plan
mid-way just because his cock was about to explode in his
    He heard her whimper again and he knew she
had fallen ever so slightly back down to earth from her explosive
orgasm, so he leaned forward and whispered again in her

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