Edge of Control: An Edge Security Novel (Edge Security Series Book 1)

Edge of Control: An Edge Security Novel (Edge Security Series Book 1) by Trish Loye Read Free Book Online

Book: Edge of Control: An Edge Security Novel (Edge Security Series Book 1) by Trish Loye Read Free Book Online
Authors: Trish Loye
the lair. A red-haired woman with gray at the temples manned it, her hatchet nose raised as she regarded Dani with suspicion.
    “ID,” she said.
    Dani raised her badge and an eyebrow at the unsmiling woman. “I’m here to set up the two new operators on the network.”
    “Go on in,” she said, and buzzed the interior door open.
    Dani swung into the next room, where about ten desks, each housing a monitor and keyboard, lined the room. Maps decorated the wall opposite the full-length windows overlooking the busy street below. Oddly, the room was empty.
    At the far end of the room was an open door. She walked forward and heard voices coming from beyond it. One voice in particular, actually. It was Mr. Knight’s.
    “…trafficking and suspected terrorist connections.”
    Trafficking and terrorism? What did that have to do with network security? She could see the end of a conference table, but no one was visible from her angle. She moved closer to the door, intending to knock and announce her presence, but she hesitated, her curiosity about E.D.G.E. leading her to listen a bit longer.
    “What about local authorities?” That was Jake’s voice.
    “So far they’re in the dark about this op.” Papers shuffled. “We need eyes on target. Koven and Gordon, you set up surveillance. Harrison and Lafayette, you’ll relieve them—”
    “Yes, Harrison?”
    Jake appeared in the doorway. His head tilted and eyebrows rose as he looked at her. “Someone’s at the door.”
    Merde , she’d been caught eavesdropping. Dani swallowed and stepped forward. Six field operators sat around the conference table while Mr. Knight stood at the head. All looked at her and she wanted to hide from Mr. Knight’s direct gaze. But seriously, trafficking and terrorists? What was going on? Her questions about E.D.G.E. kept piling up.
    Chuck sat at the table, disapproval heavy on his square face, and she wanted to shrink a little.
    “Yes, Everett?” Knight asked her, interrupting her thoughts.
    “Mike told me to set up the new people on the network.”
    “That would be us.” Rhys popped up behind Jake. “We’re the FNGs.”
    Dani frowned her question at Jake.
    “Fucking new guys,” Jake stage whispered back. The operators behind him all laughed and the tension broke.
    “Right,” Dani said.
    “Everett?” Mr. Knight called before she could leave. “Don’t repeat anything you may or may not have heard in here.”
    “Yes, sir.” She blew out a breath when Jake shut the door behind them, blocking out any further conversation. He gestured to a pair of desks against the wall, away from the windows. “We can use these.”
    She nodded as Jake walked to the desk. Both he and Rhys had dressed down today, wearing t-shirts and jeans. Jake’s black tee stretched across his broad shoulders and his jeans molded to the contours of a very nice butt.
    Rhys coughed and she saw the twinkle in his eye. Her cheeks heated. How unprofessional to be caught ogling someone.
    She went to the unit at the first desk and entered the protocols E.D.G.E. demanded before any employee could have full access. She huffed a breath when she saw both Jake and Rhys rated full clearance even though they’d just started.
    She did Rhys first, setting up passwords, fingerprints, and retinal scans. It didn’t take long, but both men kept silent and it weighed on her. “I really didn’t hear anything, beyond the setup of surveillance,” she said.
    “I believe you,” Rhys said. His smile warmed Dani and her shoulders relaxed a little.
    “I need your hand.” She took it and placed his index finger on the imprint pad. She tapped in a code.
    “Jake and I noticed you fighting this morning,” Rhys said.
    Jake stiffened where he stood leaning against the wall. Dani drew her eyes back to her screen. Had they been talking about her?
    She nodded, but didn’t say anything. She hadn’t known Rhys was there, but then, she hadn’t seen much beyond Jake and his

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