Elemental Air (Paranormal Public Series)

Elemental Air (Paranormal Public Series) by Maddy Edwards Read Free Book Online

Book: Elemental Air (Paranormal Public Series) by Maddy Edwards Read Free Book Online
Authors: Maddy Edwards
I’d just be looking
at a furious pair of purple eyes.
    “You were sleeping,” I said,
hoping she’d drop it.
    “Right,” drawled Lisabelle.
“We’re just impossible to wake up.”
    “You do sleep soundly,” said Sip.
“And Bartholem left without waking us too.”
    “Speaking of that thing,” said
Lough, “what’s he doing hanging around all the time?”
    “He likes us,” said Lisabelle.
    “Yeah, exactly, doesn’t that make
you question his mental state?” said Sip. “At least the fact that he likes
    “He’s looking after me because I
hang out with werewolves, who are always getting into trouble.”
    “Near as I can see, you just hang
out with one. When you get it right the first time you don’t have to keep
trying,” said Sip.
    We were almost to the main house,
and I had no idea what I was going to tell Dacer, if I was even going to tell
him anything. When my friends showed up, I had lost my chance to think alone
about what Malle and Caid were saying. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, and I
wanted to run it by my friends before I carried it any further. It seemed like
there was a good chance that Dacer wouldn’t even believe me. Caid was his
longtime friend, after all, and no matter what double game Caid was playing,
there was no way I could believe that Dacer knew anything about it.
    A howl of warning was all we had.
At the sound of the shrill noise the four of us closed ranks, our backs to each
other and our shoulders touching. Lisabelle had already pushed up her sleeve,
and I felt Sip trembling next to me, an indication that she was ready to shift
into wolf form. Then I saw a dart of white speed past us and head for another
tree, disappearing behind the thick bark. It was Bartholem, letting us know we
were in trouble, and he was none too soon: we were in fact already surrounded.
If I had learned to be quiet from hanging out with a werewolf, I wondered where
all the hellhounds that now circled us had learned it from. I looked toward the
house. I could just see it through the trees and over the backs of the two
hellhounds that stood between me and safety. It was still early in the morning,
and I was sure that none of the other residents of the house would be up yet.
    We were trapped, with no chance
of escape. Hellhounds surrounded us, at least twice as many demon beasts as
there were paranormals.
    “Can’t even have a morning walk,”
Lough griped.
    “Without hellhounds attacking
us?” I said, sparing my friend a quick glance before quickly returning my eyes
to the growling black beasts.
    “Without that stupid cat butting
in,” said Lough. Bartholem was still nowhere to be seen.
    “So, now’s not the time to tell
you that he’s coming to Public with us and living in Airlee?” Lisabelle said.
Normally so composed, even she was trying hard not to laugh at the dismayed
noise Lough made.
    Dismay turned to fear when a
hellhound lunged. Lisabelle and I were back to back, and it came right at me.
Without thinking, I held up my ring, delighted to feel the power coursing
through me. I hit the hellhound right on the nose with an icy blast of wind.
Hellhounds had red eyes and were powerful, but they hated cold, probably that
whole thing about how they lived in the dark world, where it was close and hot.
    “The hellhound whimpered and
backed away,” I told Lisabelle, who hadn’t turned around to look.
    “They must be under orders not to
attack,” said Lisabelle. “Curious.”
    “If they’re here defending Malle,
that makes sense,” Sip growled. A hellhound growled in response and I felt Sip
    She transformed into werewolf
before I knew what was happening.
    Sip was small, even as a
werewolf; the bodies in human and animal form usually mirrored each other, and
Sip’s was no exception. She still had intense purple eyes and light-colored fur
that was now standing on end as she bared her fangs at the hellhounds.
    “Enough,” called a voice I knew
instantly as Caid’s. “You

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