Ellie Quin Book 01: The Legend of Ellie Quin

Ellie Quin Book 01: The Legend of Ellie Quin by Alex Scarrow Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Ellie Quin Book 01: The Legend of Ellie Quin by Alex Scarrow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alex Scarrow
knocking?’ she said snapping off her diary and throwing a sweatshirt over her narrow shoulders.
    Ted swayed sleepily in the doorway, his hair tousled and fluffed up on one side like a hairy horn. His cheeks were flushed and judging by the look of his sleepy and teary face, he had been having a bad dream.
    ‘Ellie…where’ve they taken my Baxter?…he’s gone.’
    Ted had had an android pet, a puppy dog. For most kids needing an android pet was usually a short-lived phase experienced between the ages of three and six. It was little more than a fad that most kids grew out of in the space of a year. Ted had grown unhealthily close to his and Mum and Dad had taken it away from him not many months after his sixth birthday; they had begun to worry about his excessive attachment to what was really nothing more than a simple circuit board covered in fur. For Ted the whole incident had proved to be quite traumatic and even now, just over a year later, he still occasionally awoke in the middle of the night and reached out for his beloved dog for a reassuring cuddle. On those occasions he usually ended up tearfully and sleepily walking across the courtyard to Ellie’s cabin.
    Her irritation evaporated when she realized that this would probably be the last time she would be carrying her little brother back to bed. He wasn’t so bad, as far as little dwarf boy brothers went.
    She got up from her desk, walked over to the doorway and knelt down beside him.
    ‘He’s gone Ted, gone away to doggy heaven. Come on little guy, let’s get you back to bed.’
    She turned her back towards him and he automatically hung his arms around her neck and climbed aboard, still more asleep than awake. Ellie stood up carrying him piggy-back and stepped out of her habi-cube. Ted stirred as she walked lightly across the ‘grass’, the plastic fibres rustling noisily against her bare feet.
    ‘Don’t put me back in bed…please?’
    She had things to do.
    ‘You’re not a dogface. In fact, you’re prettier than Shona,’ he said.
    The little rascal , she thought. He could charm the birds from the trees, if there’d been birds or trees. She clucked and hummed, feigning indecision.
    ‘Ple-e-ea-se, Ellie?’
    ‘Okay, but just five minutes, then I’m putting you back in your bed. You want to sit out here for a while?’
    Ted nodded. Ellie walked over to the hammock, tipped him gently in and clambered on beside him. The hammock swung slowly causing the support poles to creak rhythmically. Ellie stared up at the rich purple night sky through the clear plastic of the dome. Ted followed her gaze.
    ‘I like stars…I wish we had a spaceship,’ he said, more thinking aloud than talking to Ellie.
    ‘So do I,’ she agreed.
    ‘If you had a spaceship, where would you go?’
    Ellie looked at Ted. That seemed to be a curious question for him to be posing. ‘Why are you asking me that?’
    ‘I dunno…just asking. Me, I’d go to Danger Nebula 5.’
    ‘Ted, that’s just a pretend place.’
    ‘It’s where the Plasma Rangers base is,’ he replied indignantly.
    Ellie sighed. Ted was proof that too much lazing around in front of the kids channel turned you into an idiot. ‘The Plasma Rangers is a cartoon my dear little brother. Therefore, it is not real life and they do not exist.’
    Ted sat up, ‘I know, I’m not a baby.’
    Ellie goosed his neck. ‘No, I guess you’re not anymore.’
    He lay back down in the hammock, satisfied with getting that admission out of her. ‘So where would you go?’
    ‘Anywhere but here,’ she said a little too quickly. She hoped Ted had missed that. He said nothing. For a while they lay in silence, swinging gently and listening to the creak of the poles.
    In the sky above, a distant transport ship entered the upper ionosphere with a flicker of blue light and slowly moved across the golden misty slash of the Seventh Veil towards the south.
    From the smooth rustle of his breathing, she thought Ted had already fallen

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