Embrace the Magic (The Blood Rose Series Book 2)

Embrace the Magic (The Blood Rose Series Book 2) by Caris Roane Read Free Book Online

Book: Embrace the Magic (The Blood Rose Series Book 2) by Caris Roane Read Free Book Online
Authors: Caris Roane
Tags: paranormal romance
at her, a swift searching look then set his gaze once more into the night. “I’m certain you do.”
    Some part of her longed to know but more, but for now, she didn’t think she could handle a more detailed accounting.
    “I have no family here.” The words came out like a whisper. She wasn’t even sure she’d spoken them aloud.
    She half expected Ethan to respond, instead, he shifted to what she could only describe as a fighting stance, bending his knees, lowering his shoulders, arms held wide. A long blade flashed beneath the porch light.
    He called out. “Ry, you motherfucker, make yourself known and how the hell did you get past the access point Guardsmen?” Ethan’s voice echoed through the neighborhood, but he must have disguised it because not a single dog started barking, a sure sign he’d been telling the truth about being invisible to her neighbors.
    If a frog sneezed, dogs started barking.
    The next second, Samantha gave a cry as another vampire dropped out of the night sky, a warrior-type almost as big as Ethan and wearing the same garb; the leather sleeveless duster over a loosely woven shirt, black leather pants, and heavy, sexy boots. He held a blade as well.
    His gaze slid past Ethan’s shoulder and landed on her. The porch light exposed him completely but she had a feeling that even if the light hadn’t been on, she could have still seen him.
    She reached up and switched it off.
    Sure enough, she saw both men as in a glow. Fae night vision? Realm vision?
    “I can still see you, Samantha of Shreveport. Don’t think you can hide from me.” Ry’s voice had a tinny edge, almost desperate, and maybe he was.
    “You can’t have her, Ry. Not now, not ever.”
    “Anyone can have her. She doesn’t belong to you. You’re not mated. She’s free game and as far as I’m concerned, I have as much right as you’ll ever have. More, because I’ve lived a century longer. Haven’t you stolen enough from me?”
    “I stole nothing. You know that. And Samantha is a U.S. citizen. By law, she belongs to no one. Taking her against her will, would be kidnapping and Bergisson allows U.S. law enforcement into our realm to extradite, simple as that.”
    “She’s a blood rose. That cancels all her U.S. rights where she’s concerned.”
    Samantha’s nostrils flared and for a sudden powerful moment, Ry’s scent came to her and, worse, she liked it. She smelled a heavy spice like cloves only muskier. He was a handsome vampire, not in Ethan’s blond, almost flamboyant mold but darker, more dramatic, earthier.
    Her body suddenly responded, her heart beating heavily as it did for Ethan, wanting to nourish both vampires. There could be no doubt that she recognized him as a mastyr, another sure sign that she was exactly what Ethan had called her in the vision: A blood rose.
    “You’re feeling me,” Ry said, his voice husky. “Don’t hide it from me, Samantha. I know that you are. You want me.”
    These words, however, brought a terrible sound from Ethan’s throat, something between a growl and a roar. Before she could shout a word of warning, Ethan charged Ry.
    Blades flashed in the glow of her vision and a heavy vibration from the battle pulsed through her in waves that kept her heart beating hard in her chest, longing for either of the vampires, wanting them both, needing to give up her vital blood supply.
    The rational human part wanted the vampires to stop fighting, but this new fae self rejoiced in the battle as each man levitated and spun, avoiding the strike of the blade, lunging in for a killing blow. Ethan rose higher, to gain an advantage, and flew down toward Ry at a blurring speed.
    But at the last moment, Ry shifted away, his body and leathers forming a fan-like shape as he escaped Ethan’s blade. He caught Ethan’s arm and jerked, which sent Ethan into the front walkway with a terrifying thud.
    Samantha cried out, but Ethan rose up off the bricks as though he’d barely felt it. Vampires were

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