Enchanter's Echo

Enchanter's Echo by Anise Rae Read Free Book Online

Book: Enchanter's Echo by Anise Rae Read Free Book Online
Authors: Anise Rae
he was determined to put it aside, a task she would make easier. If she ever showed up.
    Vincent stood next to him staring at his own target, his mate. Actually, he was glaring at the man dancing with her: David Noble, second heir to the Noble medallion. The man sported a cunning smile that begged for a good, hard fist. His pale blond hair, typical of the Noble family, was slicked back with a greasy spell. Edmund couldn’t imagine any woman finding that attractive. The only good thing about that hair was that it made it easy to recognize the man was a Noble. They were all greedy, scheming bastards who tried to worm the advantage for themselves with every play in the Senate. Their citizen mages bore the brunt of their dirty politics.
    “He’s got a sound spell around them,” Vincent growled as dozens of mages danced before them. The women were dressed in white. Like Edmund, most of the men had chosen standard black despite P.U.R.E.’s directive. Vin wore the stark, plain black of the army’s dress uniform.
    Edmund turned to the dancing pair and pushed at the air around them with his vibes, a delicate move considering the crowded dance floor. His energy bounced off the invisible dome of the spell.
    “That’s why she keeps tilting her head,” Vincent said. “The spell is bothering her.”
    “I thought you were working on a shield for her.” Edmund frowned at the thought of Bronte in pain.
    “The shielder’s spell bothered her just as much as anything else.”
    “Then we’ll find a better shielder.”
    “There aren’t any.” Vincent said the words with a worried sigh. “The only thing that works is if I’m in the spell with her and deflect it from her.”
    Though Bronte was a mage, she had a difficult time tolerating any spells, nor could she cast any spells of her own. No syphon mage could.
    “Why is she dancing with him? More to the point, why are you letting her?” Edmund carefully kept a polite expression beneath the gaze of the watchful, curious crowd. The Rallis twins rarely appeared together in public. A light flashed as a reporter cast an image spell of them.
    “She’s campaigning. Trying to get the all the founding families to support her message to syphons, encouraging them to come forth.”
    Until a few months ago, syphon mages were automatically put to death, but none had been born in almost a century, or so everyone had believed. Bronte was the first syphon to come out to the public. She’d risked a fiery stake doing so. Instead, she’d earned freedom for every syphon, proving her worth and the benign nature of her power.
    “Let Pops lead that campaign. No one would counter the senator on that.”
    Vincent ground his teeth hard enough to hear over the music and noise of the crowd. “She wants to do it on her own.”
    “Who exactly wears the pants between the two of you? I still have that—”
    “Not the rope, dickhead.”
    Edmund winked at Bronte as she danced past, just before she was lost to sight among the shifting dancers. Allison, their cousin, whirled past next, an elderly mage her partner. She’d stated her plan on the drive here. She would only dance with old, conservative geezers. This was geezer number two—Edmund was counting. She would avoid any mage who might lead her astray like her last boyfriend. In unspoken agreement, the family had nodded at her strategy. The girl was returning to mage society after detox and that took guts. She’d find her path, which apparently began with stodgy elders.
    Far to his left, the doors to the ballroom opened. He sucked in a breath as a curvy column of black halted in the entrance. With her pale pink lips in a cool, flat line and her red hair tamed in smooth waves around her face and shoulders, she stood straight, proud, and fearless. A regal queen of the dark.
    Dancers shuffled to chaotic stops and musicians lost their tune as they craned to see. Edmund angled his stance, shifting to face her. Her black dress, fitted gently down to her

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