END of LINE: Humanities Last Stand - part 3

END of LINE: Humanities Last Stand - part 3 by John Short Read Free Book Online

Book: END of LINE: Humanities Last Stand - part 3 by John Short Read Free Book Online
Authors: John Short
their food. The female looked exquisite with her
    strangely shaped eyes and her long black hair. Placing the food on the table in front of him the female leaned close, touched Jon's hand, and whispered to
    him, “Be careful of that one young Warrior. She'll sell your ship for parts to her pirate buddies.” Standing straight she looked over to Phillmma with a
    huge grin.
    “Don't you believe a thing she tells you Lieutenant Jon Connell.” Phillmma responded. “She's still upset because the last good looking guy who showed up
    here liked my golden fur over her ice cold blue skin.”
    “Oh Phillie baby, we both know how much fun I can be once I get warmed up.” the blue lady laughed.
    “Warrior Connell, allow me to introduce my dearest friend and roommate, Kelesro.” Phillmma told Jon. “She is who I wanted you to meet.”
    “A pleasure ma'am.” Jon said standing up and studying her face for the first time. Her face was thin as was the rest of her body, but where Phillmma was
    merely attractive, Kelesro was a classical beauty. Her pale blue skin and golden “cat-like” eyes gave her a mysterious look that Jon could not recall ever
    having seen before.
    “The pleasure was all mine young warrior. Most of the males who come in here have the manners of a tree frog in heat. You are a breath of fresh air. Just
    call me if you require anything else.” she said, winking at Jon before turning to go back into the kitchen behind the bar.
    “I hope you're not upset Warrior. I only bring the very best to visit my friends.” Phillmma explained.
    “No, I'm not at all upset.” He said as he sat back down and took his meal from the tray before passing the rest over to Phillmma. “I must tell you though I
    was becoming a trifle scared for a minute. I've never had any female willing to be seen in public with me before, let alone two very attractive females about
    to argue over me.”
    After a good laugh, the pair dug into their meals and Jon decided that Phillmma was right. This place served really great food. He made a mental note to
    come back here again if he ever got the chance. At least now he knew who three people were on the station. Perhaps he could meet others who were just as
    interesting as the three he already knew.
    They spent another hour enjoying each others company and the Lexonian ales before Phillmma got a call from the docking ports.
    “Wrenches here. Who's calling?” Phillmma answered her COM badge.
    “Captain Claudi, Commander of the cargo vessel Pluto. Wrenches, were you able to get those parts I asked for?”
    “Yes you over ripe melon. I can meet you at your port in twenty minutes if that's alright.” Phillmma responded. “Are you still planning to deadhead back to
    Haven? If you are, I have a passenger here who needs to get home in a hurry.”
    “Meet us at port thirty on the lowest levels. What kind of a passenger have you got?”
    “He's one of your own, heading home on leave from his Peacekeeper training. A young Warrior named Jon Connell.”
    “Yes, by all means Wrenches, we'll gladly give Warrior Connell a ride. I'll have his luggage transferred to our best stateroom as soon as he arrives
    onboard. Pluto out.”
    Turning to Jon, Phillmma said, “Come on handsome, you can help me carry the parts for the Pluto.”
    “Sure thing Phillie or should I start calling you Wrenches?” Jon asked as he paid their bill using his wrist calc that automatically deducted the amount
    from his bank account on Haven.
    “Only after you have your own ship and need me to fix it after whatever crappy engineer some company hires for you screws it up.” she told him
    good-naturedly. “A girl has to set some limits though, so if the Peacekeepers give you a ship to command one day, you'll have to take it back to them for
    repairs.” she chuckled.
    The pair continued talking and making jokes as they returned to Phillmma's shop to pick up the tools and parts she would need to repair the Pluto. Then
    with his

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