Erotic Flash: A Vampire's Seduction

Erotic Flash: A Vampire's Seduction by Elixa Everett Read Free Book Online

Book: Erotic Flash: A Vampire's Seduction by Elixa Everett Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elixa Everett
settled himself over her, the head of his engrossed shaft nudging her opening. She was so deliciously wet he was able to slip into her with ease.
    Again, he teased. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms around lower back.
    Her nails dug deep into his back as he continued to tease her, giving her just enough of himself to have her clawing at him.
    "Please Victor," she begged a second time.
    Not being able to stand it anymore himself he thrust hard in her, her warmth taking him in fully, stretching to accommodate his width and girth. He moaned loudly, he was so close already it was embarrassing to him, but he held on. He thrust again, and again, aggressively, each stroke faster and harder than the last. Sweat shimmered over his body.
    He bent down and kissed her quickly before moving his mouth to her neck. As he continued to thrust, she continued to cry out, calling his name, demanding more, harder, faster. She met each of his thrusts with her own, his pubic hair enticing her clit with each thrust.
    He couldn't control himself a moment longer he needed to taste her, needed it more than he'd ever needed anything. His fangs dropped and they gently pierced the tender flesh of her neck. The blood flowed from her delicate neck, metallic and delicious as it slid past his tongue and down his throat. Good, so good.

She froze under him for a microsecond. Felt the quick sharp pain, like a needle prick for a quick second before another series of earth-shattering climax's distracted her and brought her mind back to the pleasure. Wave after wave of pure pleasure rushed through her, leaving her light-headed and yearning for me. She'd never felt anything so amazing in her lifetime.
    It was only the span of a few thrusts before Victor stopped feeding from her and joined her in the pinnacle of ecstasy. He gave one final thrust into her and groaned, as he lost himself in his own intense release, filling her wanton pussy with his cum. Spent and sated, and panting hard he let himself fall next to her.
    He reached out and pulled her into him, and she laid her head in the crook of his arm.
    Kissing the top of her head, he ran his fingers through her long silky auburn locks. He felt so good next to her. He was powerful, beautiful and her the moment he was hers.
    In the intensity of the moment, they hadn't bothered to fully remove their shirts so she sat up a minute to do the clasp back up on her bra and readjust her blouse. Once done she laid her head back down on his chest. She wasn't going to be naive enough to thing that this was anything more than an opportunity for her to unleash some of her pent up sexual frustrations, but she still wanted to enjoy the moment while it lasted at least.

Sabrina had already left by the time Victor awoke the next morning. He laughed to himself, first time that happened to him in a good couple of decades. Normally, he was stuck ushering women out before his clients arrived in the morning. He was sure that her leaving in the middle of the night meant she considered him the one nightstand rebound boy. And here he was thinking he had seduced her. Go figure.
    "Coy little vixen." Victor muttered, but as his lips curled up forming a little, wicked smile.
    Still naked, he walked out of his studio and into his office, he needed his morning blood fix so he could get a better take on the situation. He could always think more clearly after a good drink.
    She was different from the rest. She had an innocence that was rare in today's day and age. A purity that he loved. His cock awoke simply by thinking of her. Aside from the asshole she'd been with since she was a teenager, he was the only other man she'd ever had sex with. He liked that idea. Sure it was hypocritical of him to consider how many men she'd been with when considering he'd been with hundreds of women over the centuries, but her inexperience made his having her all the more special to him.
    As he thought back to the previous night, it made

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