Evans, Gabrielle - Hypnotic Healing [Fatefully Yours 6] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever ManLove)

Evans, Gabrielle - Hypnotic Healing [Fatefully Yours 6] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever ManLove) by Gabrielle Evans Read Free Book Online

Book: Evans, Gabrielle - Hypnotic Healing [Fatefully Yours 6] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever ManLove) by Gabrielle Evans Read Free Book Online
Authors: Gabrielle Evans
his arms over his chest, and smirked at Myst. “He’ll just be your little bloodsucker now.”
    “Does it hurt? I mean, when he drinks from us, will it hurt?” Myst rubbed at his neck and grimaced. “I’ve never had someone bite me before.”
    “It doesn’t hurt,” Eyce and Hex said at the same time.
    Hex remembered the two vamps drinking from his wrists, but there hadn’t been any pain. That’s not to say it had been a pleasurable experience. Maybe it would be different with Echo. The thought of his blood flowing inside his mate made Hex’s heart pound and his dick throb. Pushing away his less than noble thoughts, he returned his attention to Jinx. “Is there anything we need to do for him?”
    “Just be there when he wakes up. He’s going to feel like he’s on fire, and his throat will ache as though he’s gargled glass. It shouldn’t last more than a week or two, though. I was born this way, and I’m afraid I don’t know much about made vampires.”
    “I don’t know anything about vampires, so you’re one up on me,” Eyce said with a shake of his head. “Is he going to have to answer to the vamp that changed him? That’s how it works in the movies. They’re bound to their makers.”
    A feral growl rumbled in Hex’s chest and right up through his snarling lips. His mate would be bound to no one but them. He was already set on finding the bastard that had hurt Echo and ripping him apart slowly. This only cemented the fucker’s fate.
    Jinx chuckled, though. “No, it doesn’t work that way. He won’t be bound to them, though if they’ve had his blood, they’ll be able to find him until it works its way out of their system. He’s completely yours, however, so no worries.”
    Though relieved to hear his mate wouldn’t be condemned to walk beside someone else for all eternity, Hex couldn’t help but snort at Jinx’s reassurances. No worries, indeed. Their troubles were multiplying by the minute.

    * * * *

    Hot. It was so damn hot.
    Echo rolled to his side with a groan, his legs sawing back and forth against each other. The sheets beneath him were damp, his hair clung to his sweaty face, and his skin felt like it was melting off of his bones.
    “Drink,” he croaked. His mouth was desert dry and so sticky his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth. His throat burned and ached, the muscles convulsing as he tried to swallow. He was so damn thirsty.
    “Echo, baby, come here,” Hex whispered and gathered Echo into his arms. “I’m going to help you, but you have to do exactly what I say.”
    Crying out in pain, Echo curled into a ball on Hex’s lap as sharp pains ripped through his stomach. It was like one of those sci-fi movies, and he just knew there was an alien trying to crawl out of his stomach. What the hell had happened to him?
    “Drink,” he whispered again. “So, thirsty, Hex.”
    “I know, baby. I’m going to help you,” his lover repeated. “Can you open your eyes?”
    With a great deal of effort, Echo managed to drag his eyelids open and blink up at his mate. His eyes didn’t go to Hex’s face, though, but locked onto the pulsing vein throbbing in the man’s throat. He inhaled deeply, a soft growl slipping through his panting lips when the sweetest smell hit his nose.
    Uncurling himself, he pushed up straighter in Hex’s lap, leaning closer to his lover’s throat as he followed the rich scent. His mouth went even drier if possible, his gums ached, and he darted his tongue out to lick a long line along the column of Hex’s throat.
    There, right there. That’s where the amazing smell emanated from. He licked again then skimmed his nose along the same path, inhaling deeply as his body shuddered.
    Hex’s large hand came up to cradle the back of his head, urging his mouth closer. “Drink, baby. Take what you need.”
    Need, oh, yes, he needed. Sucking the warm flesh into his mouth, he swirled his tongue over the pulsing vein twice before sinking his teeth

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