Ever, Sarah

Ever, Sarah by C.E. Hansen Read Free Book Online

Book: Ever, Sarah by C.E. Hansen Read Free Book Online
Authors: C.E. Hansen
the shower curtain to the side, he held me upright as I hopped on one foot.
    Once inside, I quickly took a seat and lifted my head, letting the spray of water slowly coat my body.
    “Are you under the shower head?” He asked.
    I almost laughed out loud. His eyes were tightly shut and his shirt was getting soaked.
    “Yes, it’s perfect. Thank you. Thank you.”
    “You’re welcome. Call out when you are done. I’ll leave you some towels here.” He pointed to a little ledge over the toilet.
    “I will. Dry yourself off. Your arms are soaked. And Bradley.” He averted his gaze, and I almost laughed. I said almost, “thank you for doing this.”
    “My pleasure.”
    I unwrapped the small soap and using my hands worked up a thick lather.
    Brad took a towel and was drying off as he walked out of the room. He left the door opened just the slightest bit. I lifted my head to the water again and nearly squealed with delight, feeling cleaner by the second. I soaped up my hair with the shampoo that was sitting on the small shelf and rinsed it. As I worked the conditioner into my rat’s nest, I ran my fingertips along the long scar. My stomach tightened. I’m sure it felt worse than it looked. I swallowed, feeling a lump settle in my throat.
    “No room for negative thoughts.” I mumbled.
    “What was that?”
    Damn, he must be sitting right outside the door. Either that or he has the hearing of a bat.
    “Nothing…just thinking out loud.”
    After I was finished with my hair I used the washcloth and the soap and washed my entire body…twice.  I called out that I was done, and Bradley was there in a few seconds.
    “Yes. Could you please turn off the water?” I asked, not wanting to put any weight on my leg.
    “Of course.” He reached in and twisted the knob shutting off the water and with his hand over his eyes walked out. I dried off, which in a sitting position was not the easiest thing to do, but it was worth feeling clean again.
    I pulled the pajama top on and buttoned the front, then pulled on the panties, which, if you could see me trying to navigate my leg into the little hole, was comical to say the least, and then the pajama bottoms. I noticed I got the hem a little wet.
    “Damn it.”
    “Are you alright?”
    “Yes, I’m fine.”
    I pulled back the curtain and saw that Bradley had left a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste on the ledge. I held onto the bar in the shower and reached over, grabbing both and brushed my teeth in the shower leaning against the wall.
    Wow, what a difference. No more cotton mouth, just minty fresh breath.
    I hopped over to the door and peeked outside. Bradley spotted me and walked over to where I stood, holding onto the doorframe for balance.
    “Here, let me.” He reached under me and effortlessly lifted me in his arms and carried me over to the bed. When he set me down. I noticed that there were two plates made and one glass of wine for him and a glass of water for me.
    “Ummm. Smells heavenly.”
    On the plate was a steak, filet mignon I think, with a baked potato, asparagus and small salad.
    “Do you need help?”
    “Only cutting it, I think.”
    He pulled it over and cut the meat into bite-sized pieces. Then cut the potato and smeared the sour cream. My mouth was watering just watching him. The steak was perfectly pink in the middle and the sour cream melted on the still hot potato.
    “How did you keep it so hot?”
    He pulled out two boxes. “I picked it up on my way here. It’s from Delmonico’s. Frank had it all ready for me in the warming boxes when I got there. Told me he undercooked it so that it would be just the way you liked it when I got here.”
    “Yeah, the chef. He’s, um, a friend of ours.” He looked at me like he expected me to remember.
    I lifted my fork with a piece of tender filet and slowly, and successfully I might add, brought it to my mouth.
    I moaned my delight.
    “Wow, this is so friggin’ good.”
    “Glad you

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