Excess All Areas

Excess All Areas by Mandy Baggot Read Free Book Online

Book: Excess All Areas by Mandy Baggot Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mandy Baggot
lot better,’ Freya responded.
    ‘ We’re saving up for a place but it takes time. The restaurant’s doing really well, but the money’s all tied up,’ Emma continued.
    ‘ You’ll get there,’ Freya assured her.
    ‘ I know, but I’m almost thirty now and I don’t want to leave it too late. I did want to be married before we had children,’ Emma spoke.
    ‘ Marriage, children and here I am single again,’ Freya commented with a sigh.
    ‘ Freya, I’m sorry. God how insensitive am I? I shouldn’t be thinking about me, I should be thinking about you,’ Emma exclaimed.
    ‘ Don’t be stupid. All you’ve done since I’ve arrived is think about me. It was a good job I didn’t marry and have kids with Russell wasn’t it? If he thought I was large now, he would have had a shock if I’d got pregnant,’ Freya told her.
    Emma couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
    ‘ Have you spoken to him yet?’ Emma asked.
    ‘ No, no battery left. Can I borrow your phone charger later?’ Freya asked.
    ‘ Of course.’
    ‘ Thanks. I may as well hear what the idiot has to say for himself in all those messages he’s left. So, seeing as I’m all kitted out and it’s only eleven, what are we going to do now? It’s a bit early for lunch isn’t it?’ Freya asked, checking her watch.
    ‘ Oh yes, far too early and we’ve got other stuff to do yet, like dying your hair and having it cut and sorting out those nails of yours,’ Emma told her.
    ‘ What? Well hang on, where are we going? I hope it’s not too far, because these bags aren’t conducive to long distances and it’s nearly the midday sun. I’m in jeans and you know I perspire like a weight lifter,’ Freya called as she tried to hurry along and catch her friend up.
    Emma introduced Freya to Helena, who cut and dyed her hair, and Sophia who manicured her nails and gave them a French polish.
    Freya looked almost unrecognizable from the pale, jaded and dejected red-haired individual who had arrived at Corfu airport the night before. Firstly, she was smiling and secondly, it felt great to be able to pamper herself and do it all with her best friend.
    After the hairdressers the two women settled themselves at a café in the Liston and ordered lunch.
    The Liston was an arcaded street which had been designed during the French occupation of the island back in the nineteenth century. The restaurants were expensive but it was worth the extra cost to sit amongst the beautiful surroundings and watch the world pass by.
    ‘ So how do you feel now? Better than when you arrived?’ Emma questioned.
    ‘ Do I feel better? Hmm, I’m sat in Corfu Town at a nice café, about to eat a tasty chicken souvlaki with my best friend, having spent the morning being pampered in every way. Yes, I think I’m feeling better. So, does blonde suit me?’ Freya asked her, looking down over her glasses.
    ‘ Very much so and I’m so glad you’re having a good time,’ Emma replied.
    ‘ Well that’s why I run away here when I lose the plot and not somewhere like Grimsby,’ Freya spoke.
    ‘ I’m glad you came. I do miss you you know,’ Emma admitted a little emotionally.
    ‘ Hey is everything OK? Is there something you’ve been leaving out of our phone conversations you want to share now?’ Freya asked her.
    ‘ No, I just miss seeing you like we used to before I moved out here. I don’t have that many friends here. I mean there are a few girls at the office but we’re always so busy, there’s hardly any time to socialise,’ Emma continued with a deep breath.
    ‘ But you’ve got Yiannis, that’s got to be better than having me around,’ Freya reminded her.
    ‘ I know but there are some things you can only tell your best friend - as you know,’ Emma said.
    ‘ Well I’m here now and I’m going to stay a while, have a proper holiday,’ Freya decided.

    That evening the dilemma was which one of her new outfits to wear out to

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