Expert Witness: A Romantic Suspense Novel

Expert Witness: A Romantic Suspense Novel by Nicole Luckourt Read Free Book Online

Book: Expert Witness: A Romantic Suspense Novel by Nicole Luckourt Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nicole Luckourt
sugar—particularly if it was coming from her—he answered with a simple, “Thank you. This is fine.”  
    She sat back down at her desk while rotating her chair around to face him. After fidgeting with the papers on her desk, she finally began speaking. “To be quite frank, I don’t know where to begin. This whole situation still seems so unreal to me.”
    Chase sensed her discomfort and directed the conversation. “For starters, Mike has spoken to me briefly about the circumstances surrounding the attack, but it would help if I heard exactly what happened from you. After that, I can tell you the basics about my role as a personal protection specialist and we can discuss what your responsibilities as a client will look like.”
    Jordan nodded and began to reveal the details of the past few days. While she spoke, Chase observed her. On the surface, she appeared cool and composed. She wore a tailored beige jacket that matched her slacks. Underneath the jacket, she had on a deep blue blouse that highlighted her eyes. He’d never seen eyes quite that color. They sparkled like tanzanite with flashes of violet.  
    It was when he was checking out her eyes that he noticed the darkness that defined puffy semi-circles below them. He could imagine it’d be hard for her to sleep with all of this going on. Though she appeared to be making an effort to sound unflustered, her body told a different story. He could see her muscles tense as she got further into the account, and her voice shook when she glossed over how he’d grabbed her from behind. His stare fell to the graceful hollow of her neck, where several bruises peeked out from the collar of her blouse. The sight caused a visceral reaction within his gut. Times like these made him miss being the one to put the cuffs on offenders who preyed on the innocent.  
    Jordan interlaced her fingers in her lap when she finished and gazed back at him expectantly.
    Chase considered everything she’d told him and what she hadn’t. “This is the kind of threat you should take very seriously,” he said evenly. “The fact that whoever is behind this is resorting to violence indicates that he’s determined to harm you.”  
    “I know,” she acknowledged in a resigned tone.  
    “As your protection specialist, it would be my duty to ensure your safety until the police are able to make an arrest. I’ve got a lot of experience with these types of situations. Many of the high-profile clients I’ve worked with are dealing with threats and stalkers, so it’s not an unfamiliar scenario. As for my qualifications, I can give you a resume with my both my work and training experience as well as a reference list.”
    “That won’t be necessary. Mike speaks highly of you, and that’s enough for me,” Jordan interjected.  
    “Okay. Let me know if you change your mind.” He stopped to take a swallow of tea before going on. This was the part of his orientation consultation he always reviewed thoroughly with each client. “Before we continue, you need to know that for me to be able to do my job, there are some sacrifices you have to be willing to make. The most obvious is privacy. I’m quite good at what I do, and whenever at all possible, you’ll have space to yourself and time alone. However, there’s been a direct threat to your life. This kind of situation calls for a high level of protection, which means a lot more caution. Unfortunately, being this cautious can be quite intrusive at times.”
    She nodded and crossed one long leg over the other, shifting her hips slightly during the process.  
    He continued, willing himself not to get distracted by the motion. “There will be times when you won’t understand some of the procedures I follow. Yet it’s still critical that you follow any instructions I give you. If you have questions during these times, you can ask them later. I’m not telling you this to discourage you from seeking protection. In fact, there are probably

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