Extra Sensory Deception

Extra Sensory Deception by Allison Kingsley Read Free Book Online

Book: Extra Sensory Deception by Allison Kingsley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Allison Kingsley
of coffee.” She narrowed her eyes. “You look miserable. You must have had a bad night.”
    “I did.” Clara opened the back door, and Tatters rushed outside. “Have you seen any news about the murder?”
    “Murder?” Jessie picked up the newspaper. “What murder?”
    “At the rodeo last night. I don’t know too much about it, but from what we heard, someone found a dead body behind the concert stage.”
    “No kidding!” Jessie turned the pages. “Oh, here it is! I’m surprised it didn’t make the front page.” She began reading aloud. “The opening performance of Finn’s Harbor’s fledgling rodeo was marred by the discovery of a dead body. Lisa Warren, assistant to production manager Paul Eastcott, was found strangled to death. The police are investigating, and so far there are no suspects. This is the first time the Hometown Rodeo Company has visited Finn’s Harbor, and Mr. Eastcott has expressed his deep regret to the patrons for the unfortunate beginning to the six-day event.”
    Clara walked over to the coffeepot and poured herself a cup. Before the security guards had ushered them out last night, she’d overheard rumors that the victim was a young woman. It had been a relief of sorts to know it wasn’t Marty Pearce.
    Carrying her coffee, Clara walked over to the table and sat down. The Sense had been trying to tell her something, however. Since Lisa Warren hadn’t appeared in any of her visions, the young woman couldn’t have been the one being warned. Clara had a bad feeling that Marty was still in danger. Maybe from the same person who had killed the production assistant. Somehow she had to find a way to warn him.
    “So how was your date with Rick?” Jessie picked up the newspaper again and tried to look indifferent.
    Clara wasn’t fooled. Her mother avidly waited for details after every date. “It was great. I didn’t think I would enjoy the rodeo, but it turned out to be a lot more fun than I’d expected. Though I have to admit, watching the clowns being chased by an angry bull was a little unsettling.”
    Jessie smiled. “You’ve always hated clowns. I remember one birthday party when your father insisted on hiring one. You and Stephanie hid in your bedroom closet and refused to come out until the clown left.”
    Clara shivered. “There was something weird about that clown.”
    “All clowns are weird, darling. That’s part of their getup. Did Rick enjoy the show?”
    “Yes, he did. I think rodeos are more a guy thing, anyway.”
    Jessie laughed. “You may be right.” She glanced up at the cuckoo clock on the wall. The clock had belonged to Clara’s great grandmother, and the cuckoo had been silenced with age, much to Clara’s relief. “Oh, goodness. Is that the time?” Jessie folded the newspaper and stood. “I suppose you’ll be working late, as usual?”
    “I’ll be home soon after eight.”
    “I’ll make a salad.” Jessie reached the door and looked back at her. “Try not to worry about the murder, darling. Let the police handle it. I can’t for the life of me imagine what you find so fascinating about solving murders, but you do tend to run into trouble when you get involved.”
    Clara nodded. If only it were that simple. She couldn’t ignore her visions, especially if they could help find a killer. “Have a good day, Mom.”
    Jessie sighed. “You, too.”
    On her way to the Raven’s Nest later, Clara tried to put the conversation out of her mind, but the memory of Sparky the clown tumbling through the air refused to go away. Stephanie pounced on her the moment she entered the bookstore, which didn’t help matters.
    “So what happened last night?” Stephanie demanded. “Did you hear about the murder? Did you see anything?”
    Clara dumped her purse behind the counter and smiled at a customer waving at her from one of the aisles. “No, I didn’t see anything. All I know is what’s in the
    Her cousin looked disappointed. “Oh, I thought

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