Fade Back (A Stepbrother Romance Novella)

Fade Back (A Stepbrother Romance Novella) by Stephanie Brother Read Free Book Online

Book: Fade Back (A Stepbrother Romance Novella) by Stephanie Brother Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stephanie Brother
have another of these," Fitz said breezily, lifting his half-empty Guinness glass before shyly turning to his date, "and you, Becka?"
    "Oh, just make it two," Becka smiled at the waitress while mentally slapping her forehead. It just sort of fell out of her mouth: Guinness? She could handle a PBR or two, but a serious, heavy glass of black tar and clotted foam? She felt sweat bead on her forehead and she nearly gagged thinking of the stuff. Stout. What kind of a maniac invented stout beer?!
    But something in her wanted to fall into old routines. At Lux, if Becka was trying to ingratiate herself with some stud or another, she'd order what they were having. It was a subtle move deployed on the kind of narcissists Becka was accustomed to flirting with, a totally insane knee-jerk reaction to horniness. And now, she'd have to suffer through a beer in plain sight with no chance of pouring it off into a decorative fern. And Fitz would notice her hating this drink, and instead of being flattered, he'll wonder why Becka ordered something she didn't even like, and then he'd realize Becka was twenty-two and immature and totally not worth hooking up with and... well damn it, she had to get to like Guinness some time, right? Grown, mature people drink it. And red wine. At least she wasn't drinking red wine.
    "Are you okay?” Fitz asked, a look of beatific concern gracing his gorgeous features.
    Becka snapped out of her reverie and smiled back. She was over-thinking things. So she'd pretend to like Guinness for a while. No biggie. She could handle this. 
    "Totally fine, just looking forward to the.... to the Guinness."
    Fitz scrutinized her face, and Becka burned up under his amusement. She wanted to crawl under the table and burrow into the peanut-shell strewn floorboards with her bare hands.
    "You don't really want to drink Guinness, do you?" he asked, with a chuckle.
    "Sh-sure I do! I love... that stuff. It's great how it's so heavy and... and thick,” Becka tried to enthuse, trailing off before adding lamely, "I, like, really like it."
    The waitress came back with their two black and tan pints, and Becka involuntarily gulped as it was set before her, watching the froth wobble, thicker than rancid sea foam. 
    "You really don't have to drink that if you don't want to."
    "No, I— “ Becka whined, sounding unconvincing even to herself.
    "Really. Come on, stout isn't for everyone. I've got Irish in me, so I'm used to it, but you really look like more of a vodka-cranberry type." Fitz pulled Becka’s glass over to himself and nodded to their lingering server.
    "I would definitely like a vodka-cranberry, if you have those, please."
    “Coming right up!” the waitress grinned and left these two pretty obvious lovebirds to their date.  
    "How did you know?" Becka asked. She realized she was disproportionately impressed with this divining talent, but the guys she usually saw wouldn't have noticed if Becka was having a seizure, let alone guess her preferred early-evening refreshment.
    "Well, you're a modern young woman, aren't you? I bet you like to keep calories low, thus the vodka, and nobody drinks screwdrivers any more…”
    "Orange from concentrate? Eew, no thank you."
    "Exactly! So, y'know, vodka-cranberry."
    "I'm also partial to a gin and tonic or a Mojito if they're going."
    "Well shit, who wouldn't? If they had mojitos going here, I'd be having one myself!"
    "They've got margaritas,” Becka gestured to the merry suits in the corner, now wrapping their arms around the scantily clad girls.
    "Psshhht, from a machine. Slushie margaritas are an inferior breed. If you want booze candy, get a jello shot. Someday I'll make you a real margarita, but you'd better be ready to lie down a while after it." 
    "Gladly,” Becka winked, and was gratified that now it was Fitz sporting a blush. The server returned with her drink, and she toyed with the lime wedge a little before gulping half of it down. 
    "Whoa, slow down there. I don't want

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