Fall into Forever (Fall into Him Book Three)

Fall into Forever (Fall into Him Book Three) by Evelyn Harper Read Free Book Online

Book: Fall into Forever (Fall into Him Book Three) by Evelyn Harper Read Free Book Online
Authors: Evelyn Harper
hard. She hadn't thought about that before.
    Rachel took Jennifer's silence as an answer and asked another question.
“Would you believe an alcoholic who said they were sober if they hadn't gone to
    “If they weren't drinking anymore…” Jennifer could hear the hopeful
note in her voice and hated herself for it. “I could see that they'd changed.”
    “And have you really seen a difference in how he's treating you or is
he just saying that he's changed?”
    Rachel fell silent as Jennifer considered the question. Brad had
listened to her, had given her a metaphorical shoulder to cry on, but had there
been an ulterior motive there? Had he just been telling her what she wanted to
hear so she'd be willing to try their relationship again? Had she really fallen
for his tricks again?
    Her eyes fell on her cell phone and she remembered the eight voicemails
she hadn't listened to and two from her answering machine that she had heard.
This time, however, she let herself hear and see what she hadn't before. She
could hear the familiar undertone that had been present in so many of his
conversations before, the one that meant he was annoyed at her but wasn't going
to come out and say it.
    And then there was their conversation the day after he'd proposed, when
he'd been pushing her to make a decision. The things he'd said, at the time
she'd thought that they'd made sense, that he'd been presenting her with a
logical argument, but now she could hear the cruelty behind the statements.
Then, of course, before he'd claimed he'd changed, there had been the
confrontation at the hotel where he'd all but said that she'd gotten her promotion
through sex.
    “What do you think I should do, Rachel?” Jennifer asked in a small
voice. She was even more torn than she had been before. She still wanted to
believe that Brad had changed, but everything that Rachel had said and
everything that her own eyes and ears were telling her said that he hadn't.
    “Do you love him?”
    Leave it to Rachel to be blunt about it. “Honestly, I don't know. I did
once and I thought I always would, but now I'm not so sure.”
    “And could this be because of a Mr. Philip Haas?” Rachel's tone changed
to one of curiosity. “Any changes on that front?”
    “I think so,” Jennifer's thoughts shifted. “We had a good talk today at
    “So you being home early isn't because he said something stupid?”
    “No,” Jennifer hurried to answer. “Philip sent me home early today
because I'm probably going to have to stay late tomorrow because we're getting
some new files.”
    “Sure, files.”
    Jennifer could hear the smirk that she was sure was on her friend's
face. “Seriously, Rachel.”
    “Sorry. I couldn't resist.”
    “There is something else about Philip I need to tell you.” Now that
they'd gone through the stuff with Brad and moved on to Philip, it just made
sense for Jennifer to share everything else she'd learned. “The other day, he
spilled some coffee on his shirt and when I came back from getting some paper
towels, I saw these scars...”
    Rachel listened without saying a word as Jennifer explained what she'd
seen, what Philip had told her and her own suspicions regarding the origins of
the scars that marred his back. This time, she also included seeing Eloisa for
the first time before ending with her encounter with the French woman just a
short time ago.
    “Wow,” Rachel said after nearly a full minute of silence. “That's…a lot
of stuff.”
    “Tell me about it,” Jennifer muttered.
    “It does make sense though,” Rachel continued. “All of your theories
about his behavior and all of that.”
    “But?” Jennifer knew her friend well enough to know there was a 'but'
    “But I have to ask you the same thing about Philip that I did about
Brad. Do you love him? Not, do you feel sorry for him. Not, is he a good boss.
Not even is

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