Fantasy Quest

Fantasy Quest by Tina Gerow Read Free Book Online

Book: Fantasy Quest by Tina Gerow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tina Gerow
as his cold gaze raked her over, as if he examined a piece of property he was considering buying.   His attention made her shudder and recoil.   Small flies buzzed around him, feeding off the stench that billowed around him in a visible cloud.
    Lerik placed a possessive hand around her shoulders, pulling her close to his side before he turned his gaze toward the intruder.   “Remove your carcass from my chair, Marsoon, before I have to burn the chair just to get rid of your foul smell.”
    The goblin smiled revealing several rows of black, rotted teeth.   “Once you are revealed as a thief and a liar, I’ll possess everything that is yours, including this hideous chair.”
    Lerik’s face darkened with anger, and every being in the room took an involuntary step back, while Astiria leaned closer, drawing comfort from the warm hard muscles playing just under her fingers.   Marsoon’s pudgy face blanched, but he continued the stare down with Lerik.
    “Enough!”   Silence reigned as a man no taller than Astiria’s knees stepped forward waving a long gnarled staff to part the sea of goblins.   Flowing white hair and beard merged and trailed the floor, almost completely covering his black robes.   His Royal blue eyes were stern, yet kind.   They settled on Astiria, and it seemed as if he saw through to her very soul.   She resisted the urge to squirm under the close scrutiny and instead lifted her chin and squared her shoulders.
    Lerik nodded, an obvious sign of respect for the little man.   “Welcome to my lands, Council Master Ocam.”   His grip around her waist tightened slightly as if steeling her against the next few minutes.   “Please meet my declared, Astiria of Earrath.”
    Grumbling arose from the goblin hoard, and Marsoon glared at them with open hatred, but no one interrupted.   Astiria wasn’t sure if they were cowed by Lerik or by Council Master Ocam.   Unsure of the etiquette of the situation, she bowed her head in the same manner Lerik had.   “A pleasure to meet you, Council Master Ocam.”
    A smile split his wrinkled face revealing perfect white teeth.   “Welcome to Verrath, my dear.   I’m sorry it must be under such circumstances.”
    Marsoon pushed his bulk from Lerik’s chair leaving a large dark stain against the once pristine blue fabric.   “If you’re done with the niceties, Ocam, hand over my property and mete out punishment so I can begin to enjoy my new…holdings.”   His lecherous gaze raked over every inch of Astiria making her skin crawl.
    A pointed look from the Council Master silenced the goblin, but he continued to scowl and grumble under his breath.
    Kind blue eyes turned back toward her.   “I realize you are unfamiliar with our culture, but as in any civilized society, ignorance of the law cannot be an excuse.”
    She stepped forward out of the circle of Lerik’s comfort and gazed down at the small man.   “Council Master, I am declared to Lord Lerik.   I did nothing to declare myself to…”   She gazed at Marsoon, searching for the correct words.   Finally she settled on, “anyone else.”
    Marsoon’s grin widened.   “If that was nothing, I can’t wait to try out something.”
    Unease trickled along Astiria’s spine.   The goblin master’s glee seemed to indicate that he knew something she didn’t.   But even as crazy as she might be, she’d definitely remember having sexual contact with someone or declaring as she’d done with Lerik.
    Ocam waved a hand in the air leaving behind a shimmery circle of silver light.   “Show me…”   The circle swirled into a picture of Astiria and Max on the beach when they were attacked by goblins.
    Heat filled Astiria’s face as she watched herself reach out and grab the goblin’s privates and twist hard.   Oh no…   They can’t interpret that as sexual contact, can they?
    “Freeze!”   Ocam’s words stopped the picture and a collective gasp rose from the crowd.
    Lerik pulled Astiria

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