Far-out Show (9781465735829)

Far-out Show (9781465735829) by Thomas Hanna Read Free Book Online

Book: Far-out Show (9781465735829) by Thomas Hanna Read Free Book Online
Authors: Thomas Hanna
Tags: Humor, Novel, caper, reality tv, alien beings, parody, doublecross
seat but Taylor, always eager for someone to talk to, didn’t
notice that.
    “New here? I haven't seen you around before.
Uh look, if I'm too chatty I'm sorry, I'm only trying to be
socio-positive - if that's a word.” Taylor laughed nervously. “I
like your hat. And the ornament thing on it. Like you’re right from
the Outback. Are you from Down Under with the roos and the
kinjajous? No, wait, I don’t think kinjajous are from there. Sorry,
I’m running on. My mom says I do that a lot. She thinks if I had
some real friends I wouldn’t do that. I don’t know if it would
change that but I’m all for having friends that I talk to more than
one time.”
    I cannot begin to sort that out so fast.
Find something else to talk-talk about since this topic does not
seem critical .
    “What is it that you are having for your
usage? A thing we might chin strap about, yes?”
    Taylor hesitated as he tried to make sense of
that. “Chin strap? Like... No, that doesn't make sense. Huh?”
    “Updating. Is that an item we might chit-chat about? That is okay, no?”
    Taylor smiled uncertainly but then thought
about the item in question. He held up the newspaper with a big
grin and offered it to Nerber. “Oh, this! It's today's newspaper.
Hot off the press.”
    Nerber was reaching for it but quickly pulled
back his hand. “It could hurt my hand with hotness?”
    “Huh? Oh, no, it's not hot to the touch, that
only means... Heck, it's safe and has the very latest news as of
when they inked this edition to get it on the street. Did you hear
about the space people who have maybe landed?”
    “There is disclosure about such a thing in
your new paper thing?” Nerber was eager to hear what these beings
knew of his current venture but afraid they might know too much and
he would be in grave danger without knowing it for certain until
    Taylor considered explaining that but brushed
that idea aside with a gesture. “It's the story of the hour but
don't believe it. It's just to sell more newspapers and air
    Nerber looked to see what was brushed away
even as he said, “Please to tell me how you sell the air to one
another for some time. This much interests me.”
    Taylor considered what that might mean but
opted to go another way. He opened the paper, handed it to Nerber,
and pointed to a photo on an inner page. He said proudly, “This is
the new rec center. I've been in there. It's nice.”
    Nerber has never encountered paper before so
he felt it, smelled it, and held it to his ear and rubbed the pages
together. He considered tasting it but decided to refrain from
that. When he noted ink on his fingers he became alarmed and
dropped the paper onto the bench.
    Seeing that distress Taylor reached over and,
since Nerber was too startled to resist, took the alien’s hand -
and rubbed it on his own long shirt sleeve. “The ink comes off like
that a lot. Not a problem. There, all gone.”
    Taylor reached for Nerber's other hand but
Nerber gestured that he could do this - and rubbed it on Taylor's
shirt himself.
    Taylor pulled out a pack of facial tissues.
“You touched some onto your face. I'll get it off. Uh, tongue
    We have nothing about such a ritual. It
seems non-threatening but I have no recommendation about its
safety .
    Noting Nerber's clear hesitation about this
procedure Taylor sat back, holding up his hands to show he was
harmless. “Sorry, my mistake. I forgot myself. We've only just met
and all. So, what high school did you go to?”
    “An altitude education facility? I am not
local so no names would be ringing your belfry I betcha. Is that
good? I am picnicking my way through a new way of talk-talk and may
speak out of turning but be pleased to know I am with full
respecting of everyone.”
    Taylor stared at him as he tried to make
enough sense of that to decide what response if any was
appropriate. He was also confused that the voice seemed to come
from the backpack and the stranger’s lip movements

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