Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious by Trista Ann Michaels Read Free Book Online

Book: Fast and Furious by Trista Ann Michaels Read Free Book Online
Authors: Trista Ann Michaels
and asked for a job. When he’d pointed out a problem with the fuel system she’d missed on a suped-up Firebird, she’d offered him one.
    He’d slept on a cot in the shop until he’d made enough money racing to buy the small houseboat he tied up in the back alongside hers. Over the years, he’d become her best friend, her business partner, and her family. Since the death of her mother and the required separation from her father he’d become her only family.
    She missed her real father; unfortunately his title of Secretary of the Navy made their distance a necessity. She never would’ve gotten this far if the cartel knew of her connection to him. Hell, if they knew of her connection, she would’ve never gotten in at all.
    She looked forward to the day she could walk away from that cartel and see her father again. It had been over four years and although her stepfather had been great when she was younger, after the death of her mother he’d become more and more distant. She’d decided to remain with him since she’d been a senior in high school at the time and wanted to graduate with her friends. But once she was out of school, their contact with one another became less and less to the point she couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen or talked to him. Her real father, SECNAV, had always been there.
    He’d admitted when she was in college that his wife had at first disliked the very idea of her. Truthfully, Allie could understand that. He’d had an affair with her mother, and she was a constant reminder of that fact. Over time his wife had come to accept her and even cared about her a little. Her half-sister was another matter. That girl hated Allie.
    When her father had first heard about the assignment, he’d tried to talk her out of it, but she’d been determined to see it through. It was her job, her big chance for a promotion. Now … she just wanted out.
    “Good morning.”
    Allie jumped at the deep tone of Logan’s voice. She’d been so engrossed in her thoughts, she hadn’t even noticed him enter the bay.
    “Sorry,” he said with a slight chuckle that made her stomach flutter wildly. “Didn’t mean to startle you.”
    “It’s okay. I didn’t sleep well last night, so I’m a little off this morning.”
    Logan poured himself a cup of coffee and took a sip. “Yeah, I know what you mean. I very seldom sleep through the night anymore.”
    She eyed him curiously. “Is it because of what you used to do?”
    Logan glanced up at her as though he wasn’t quite sure what to say.
    “Dray told me the three of you are former Seals, fresh out of the service.”
    Logan nodded in understanding then took another sip of coffee. Allie wondered why he didn’t answer the question.
    “Were the three of you in the same platoon?”
    Logan smiled slightly. “It’s a team,” he said. “Seals are a team. Navy doesn’t really have platoons. And yes, we were on the same team.”
    Allie grinned and nodded her head. Being the daughter of SECNAV, she supposed she should’ve known that, but seeing as she didn’t accompany her father to military functions, she didn’t pay too much attention to the specifics of the Navy. “I see. I’m afraid I’m not much up on the military lingo.”
    “Most civilians aren’t.”
    “Was it bad? Some of the assignments, I mean,” she asked, still curious about his comment on not sleeping.
    “Anything the Seals do is bad.” Logan stared into his cup for a few seconds before continuing. “We go into the roughest, hardest to get to places. We do things that…”
    His voice trailed off as he continued to stare into the cup. She wondered if something bad had happened. Something he didn’t want to talk about.
    He looked up at her and grinned, the shadow in his eyes replaced by mischief. “Where did you learn to race?” he asked from out of the blue and the question surprised her so much, it took a second for her to answer.
    “Um, my stepfather.”
    He pointed with his

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