Femme Fatale (Black Rose Book 2)

Femme Fatale (Black Rose Book 2) by Suzanne Steele Read Free Book Online

Book: Femme Fatale (Black Rose Book 2) by Suzanne Steele Read Free Book Online
Authors: Suzanne Steele
he’s holding over their heads.
    I look at the descriptions of how each woman was killed. There was one by strangulation, another had her throat slit, and for one, they went so far as to let her starve to death. It’s like they’re playing some macabre game, trying to think up cruel ways to eliminate the women once they’re done terrorizing them. Despite my show of uncertainty with Melanie, I’m certain it’s Richard who’s issuing the sadistic mandates. The simple fact that he didn’t send in one of his cronies to kill Lisa at the hospital tells me he’s the one who has the most to lose. He’s also the one willing to take the biggest risk; the bigger the risk, the better the adrenaline high is.
    One thing’s for sure, he isn’t going to stop until he’s six feet under. I am going to make sure that’s exactly where my new partner in crime and I put him. He has to be stopped, and I need to catch him before the police get to him. Rehabilitation isn’t an option because it’s nothing more than an illusion for those in society who want to continue submitting to the false sense of security it engenders.
    I’m a realist. I believe in leveling the playing field for those who have no one to protect them. I am going to enjoy not only killing this dirtbag, but also making him suffer before he draws his last breath.

Chapter Eleven
    My phone rings, pulling me away from my research with Charles. If I thought looking at the pictures of Richard’s victims was hard, it didn’t compare with trying to talk Evelyn down. I barely got in a hello before she started babbling. Now that she’d slept on it, she seems even more upset today than when she actually walked in on a killer. Convinced she’s going to be the next victim, my coworker continues to work herself into a full-blown state of panic, no matter how hard I try to allay her fear.
    “Evelyn, Charles and I aren’t going to permit anything bad to happen to you. Besides, let’s look at it logically… If Richard went after you, it would be akin to admitting he was attempting to kill Lisa. Right now, it’s all speculation.”
    “I know what I saw; he was getting ready to smother the poor girl with that pillow. The only thing that saved her was me walking in and catching him in the act.”
    “Well, the only thing you can do is continue monitoring her room. If we place an officer at her door, we’ll be going against her wishes to not involve law enforcement. Don’t you think this girl should be afforded some modicum of control over her life, especially given all this craziness she’s had to endure?”
    Though my true motivation is to keep Evelyn from involving the police, there is an element of truth to my words. The last thing I want to do is get into a race against the clock, trying to kill these guys before the police apprehend them.
    Of course, I can’t divulge the real reason I don’t want law enforcement involved. Having Richard locked up and protected behind bars where we can’t get to him would severely complicate things. Out here, not only can we kill him when the time comes, but before then, we can monitor his actions so no one else gets hurt. These senseless killings have to be stopped. The women are innocent victims with no hero, and we are their unconventional saviors.
    “You need to calm down, Evelyn. You have to keep your wits about you. Just be smart. Set your alarm, and bring your dog inside. If you have a gun, then keep it on the nightstand while you sleep. I’ll check in on you, and if you need me, you can always call. You’re not in this alone. Just keep that patient safe, and don’t breathe a word about what’s going on to anyone.”
    I finally calm her down and get off the phone. Charles and I have another stake out planned, but we won’t be spying on Kimberly Regis tonight. This time, it will be none other than Richard Roundtree himself.

Chapter Twelve
    The Killer
    Standing around the corner, I listen as the

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