Finding Eden

Finding Eden by Camilla Beavers Read Free Book Online

Book: Finding Eden by Camilla Beavers Read Free Book Online
Authors: Camilla Beavers
With each step he takes I feel a pull, a tug on the invisible string,
and an odd compulsion to follow him surges through me. I stifle the
feeling and push it down, and as soon as I do I can't help but feel
elated that I'm finally being left alone. Triumphantly, I walk
through the doors out to the parking lot and go home.
    The next day I walk into
the school with a smile on my face.
    “ Someone looks
happy,” Evaughn comments, her aura shining a tranquil and happy
glow, hinting at the same elated feeling that I have at the moment.
    “ Very happy
indeed,” I say to her smiling, “I was finally able to get
rid of him.”
    “ Get rid of who?”
She asks.
    “ My living shadow,”
I say, then clarifying, “Sahariel.”
    “ Oh,” she
    “ It's so nice not
to have someone following me around all the time. You have no idea.”
    “ I kind of liked
having him around,” she says with a shrug, her colors betraying
her dismay at the news.
    In my mind I try not to
agree with her and I sit down in my seat.
    I try to pay attention,
but my eyes keep wandering over to the empty seat next to me. I stare
at it wondering if he changed his whole schedule or if he's decided
to skip class entirely. I'm so distracted by the thoughts running
through my mind I don't hear the question the teacher asks me, brain
lady weeping at her ruined fields.
    “ Eden,” the
teacher says my name at the same time Evaughn kicks the back of my
    “ Hmm?” I
glance at the teacher and then realize she's just asked me a
    “ Sorry,” my
eyes finally focus on my teacher, “could you repeat the
question please?”
    She does, and I'm unable
to answer it. I sigh. I don't want to be here. Looking at the teacher
neither does she. Damn geology.

    I'm asleep and I'm
dreaming, and in my dream I'm falling. I'm falling so fast that I
can't make out the shapes that are whizzing past me. I don't know why
I'm falling. I didn't jump, I wasn't pushed, I just started out this
way; just falling way too fast. The worst part isn't that I'm
falling; it isn't even that I can't find anything to grab onto. The
worst part is, is that no one is there to catch me, not even
Sahariel. That's the most frightening part. I'm by myself.
    I don't know if I hit the
ground in my dream. I wake up panting and covered in sweat, my heart
pounding out a disjointed rhythm so loud it makes my ears hurt and my
mind race about whether I remembered my pill. I don't like this
dream. It frightens me too much.
    I started having this
dream a few days after I ordered Sahariel to stop following me. I've
had this dream every night since then. Every night for two weeks.
After I wake up from it, I can't go back to sleep. I'm too scared and
alone. I haven't slept that much and now I look like crap.
    The little red numbers on
the clock next to the bed mock me as they tell me the time. I swear I
can almost hear the electronic snickering as the numbers read three
in the morning loud and clear. After laying there for an hour longer,
I eventually give up and turn on the television.
    There's nothing on aside
from awkward workout videos and laughable infomercials.
Unfortunately, no matter how many times I cycle through the channels,
they don't change or get any better.
    It's official. I am now
an insomniac. I am so tired but I can't sleep. My body is plagued
with that awful falling feeling every time I close my eyes for more
than a few seconds and brain lady is still weeping.
    “ God,” I moan
and rub my face, “I hate this.”
    I don't know where the
hell this dream came from, but I wish it would go away.
    Return to sender.
    Do. Not. Want.
    Instead of lying in bed
all morning, I decide to get up and take a bath, and for the first
time in what seems like forever, I'm filling the tub with hot water
and adding bubble bath. I undress and step into the tub, and soon I'm
relaxing in sweet smelling bubbles and hot water.
    I spend the rest of the
morning in the tub, and when the

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