Finding My Way Home

Finding My Way Home by Alina Man Read Free Book Online

Book: Finding My Way Home by Alina Man Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alina Man
imagine what that was like.
                  “I’m really sorry,” I tell him, my voice so small I’m not sure he even heard me.
                  “Ah don’t do that, OK princess?  I don’t need your pity.  I moved on and learned to deal with it.  At least I stayed true to myself.”
                  “What’s that supposed to mean?”
                  “Forget it.”
                  “Oh no you don’t.  Come on Mr. know it all.”
                  “I said forget it,” he shakes his head and tries to move away from me but my stubbornness won’t let him.
                  “Speak,” I say louder and push hard against his chest until he’s trapped in the corner of the room, with no escape.
                  “Ouch, what the hell.  Relax ok? You tried so hard to con everyone into believing your life was so perfect, what you always dreamt of but we both know that was a lie.  All you have to do is look in the mirror to see that the light, the spark in your eyes is all gone.  You are nothing but a shell moving on autopilot.”
                  How does he do that? I haven’t heard, or seen him, in eleven years and still he is able to read me in less than two days.  Involuntary, I start walking backwards until my back hits the wall and I let myself drop to the floor.  I don’t even have the strength to argue with him.  Maybe I just need to face reality for once.  In seconds he’s by my side and pulls me to his chest. 
                  “I’m so sorry.  Crap princess I haven’t been around anyone that mattered in a long while.  I’m not good with words and I think whatever little filter I had back when we were kids, well it’s pretty much long gone now.”
                  I can only nod and try not to think of the way it feels to have his arms around me.
                  “Seriously Bren, let’s just forget about this for today.  You had so much to deal with all at once.  How about I take you out to dinner?  For old time’s sake,” he gives me a crooked smile and just like that I suddenly feel much better.  I nudge him with my shoulder and smile back.
                  “Sounds good.  Is Bonnie’s still around?”
                  “Only one way to find out.”
                  He pulls me up and still holding hands we walk to my car.  We’re full of dust, sweat and I’m pretty sure my hair’s a mess.  Yet we don’t care and for some reason I can’t wipe the smile off my face.  I don’t think Joe’s ever seen me looking so disheveled and I wonder what his reaction would be if he did. 

Chapter 5.
    Bonnie’s diner is not too far from the house and once again memories of my grandparents fly by as we pass old houses and little shops, forcing me to blink several times to see if the images are real or just a figment of my imagination.  We park right in the front of the diner and I can’t believe just how familiar everything is even after all these years.  Last time I had lunch here was right before I left for college and yet the place looks exactly the same. 
                  The same flowerpots in the front, same neon sign in the window, and if I’m not mistaken, even the daily specials were the same.  Mrs. Develon was Bonnie’s daughter and although she was well into her seventies, she still ran the place like a drill sergeant.  Noah opens the door for me and the bell announces our arrival.  A young girl wearing a fifties-style waitress uniform and the biggest smile I’ve ever seen, welcomes us.
                  “Welcome to Bonnie’s.  Only two?”
                  Just as I’m about to answer I’m stopped by a loud shriek coming from behind the counter.
                  “OH MY WORD. 

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