Finding Peace (Love's Compass #1)

Finding Peace (Love's Compass #1) by Melanie D. Snitker Read Free Book Online

Book: Finding Peace (Love's Compass #1) by Melanie D. Snitker Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melanie D. Snitker
on the coffee table. “So what’s up?”
    “Serenity’s birthday. What’s the plan?”
    The youngest Chandler was turning twenty-three in a week and a half. They had been struggling with ideas on how to celebrate and it was starting to get down to the wire.
    “I have no idea. But I think I found a gift we can get together if you’re interested.” He told her about Laurie and her photography studio.
    By the time he was done, Lexi was speaking with enthusiasm. “That’s going to be perfect. We should try and get the photo shoot in before her birthday.”
    “I have no idea how booked Laurie is between now and then.”
    “On a first name basis, are you?”
    He ignored her attempt to bait him. He certainly wasn’t going to admit that saying her name had brought her face to mind. “She said she wanted to meet Gideon before the photo shoot so that he might be more comfortable with her.”
    “That makes sense. Invite her over for family dinner on Sunday. Nice dodge, by the way.”
    “Practice. Lots of it. I’ll go by and see about getting them on her schedule tomorrow.” He tried to ignore the excitement he felt at the thought of seeing her again. After all, he was going over there for a specific reason and it had nothing to do with him.
    “Sounds perfect.” Lexi gave him a wink. “So I had an idea to run past you.”
    “I’m thinking we could give Serenity a girls’ day out for her birthday. Mom, Grams, and I could take her out for a manicure and go out to lunch at her favorite place. You know, just give her a break.”
    Rogue stopped in front of the couch, a tennis ball in his mouth, the bright green color muted by saliva and dirt. He let it fall onto the couch next to Tuck’s hand. His body was motionless and his eyes never left the toy. “If you ladies want to do that, I’m all for it. I can stay at the house. Gideon and I can have a guy’s day.”
    Lexi’s eyes followed the ball as Tuck lobbed it through the air and into the kitchen. Rogue tore across the room after it, the sounds of his nails ticking against the linoleum.
    “You don’t mind?”
    “Not at all. When you’re done, we can have cake back at the house.”
    “Awesome. Thanks, Tuck. I’ll mention it to Mom and have her invite Serenity.”
    He arched his brows at her words. “Are you two not getting along?” 
    “I wouldn’t go that far. There’s been some new behavior issues with Gideon and I suggested talking to the occupational therapist about it. I’m the bad guy again – you know how it goes.”
    Tuck didn’t say anything. He had learned a long time ago that it was better not to get in the middle of anything that went on between his sisters. He threw the ball again for Rogue and took another swig of his soda.
    “You think I should have kept my mouth shut?”
    He lifted his pointer finger off the soda bottle and aimed it at her. “I didn’t say that.”
    Lexi rolled her eyes at him. “You can have an opinion, you know.”
    “I do. I choose not to express it. That’s why I became a cop. It’s easier to keep the peace in Kitner than it is in my own family.”
    Tuck entered Capturing the Moment Photography. He admired the way strands of Laurie’s hair fell across her cheek and curled on the desk as she jotted notes in a planner. When the door closed, the sound got her attention and she started, dropping her pen. She recovered quickly and offered him a smile. “Hi, Tuck. What brings you here?”
    His name on her lips sounded better than it should have. He had been doing his best to ignore the pull he had towards her. But when he was in the same room with her, it was like the wall he had built up was made of sand that was blown away by the music of her voice.
    “How’s your ankle feeling?”
    “It’s fine, thank you. I’m still wearing the brace and I use the crutches when I go out. I just hobble around when I’m home and I’m not having any trouble with it.”
    “I’m glad to hear

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