First Class to New York

First Class to New York by AJ Harmon Read Free Book Online

Book: First Class to New York by AJ Harmon Read Free Book Online
Authors: AJ Harmon
weeks and he didn’t
want to screw with her “once in a lifetime” trip. He shouldn’t have kissed her
this morning. She tasted so sweet and it took every ounce of control not to
throw her on the bed and take her then and there. He wanted to feel her
writhing under him, to taste her neck and those voluptuous breasts she kept
letting peek out. And then she’d rubbed her lips after their kiss and she
looked so beautiful. He was like a moth to a flame.
    Angela interrupted his thoughts as she opened the door to
his office. “Do you need anything else this evening before I head home?”
    Matt turned from the window back to his desk. “Big plans for
the weekend Angela?”
    “No, just the grandkids coming for a sleepover tomorrow
night. Once a month we take the girls so Liz and her husband get a Saturday
night out. I think we enjoy it more than they do. Did you need anything Mr.
Lathem?”  Angela smiled brightly. She always did when talking about her
    “Yes. You know that fundraiser dinner on Sunday I declined?”
    Angela nodded her head.
    “I need two tickets.”
    “I don’t think that will be a problem,” Angela smiled,
“Seeing as though you are one of their biggest donors.” Angela turned and
headed back to her desk.
    Matt needed to remember to thank his mother for making him
choose an animal rescue organization as his company’s main charitable cause. “I
like horses. Dogs too.” Matt grinned from ear to ear as he recalled the words
of one Janie Anderson.

    If there was a city made for shopping, it was definitely New
York. Janie spent all day Saturday wandering block after block, in and out of
boutiques and department stores. By mid afternoon she had found the perfect
dress to wear to the upcoming black tie dinner and the anticipation was
mounting with each additional purchase.
    Janie had entered a small boutique that had the most
exquisite beaded dress in the window. It was a pale shade of blue and the
detail was amazing. Of course it only came in sizes 2-6, so that dress was off
the possibility list. The chicly dressed sales girl, Ruth, about the same age
as her sons Janie guessed, had given her the once over and taken her to the
“bigger” sized dresses. Since when is a size 10 considered BIG? Janie
had wondered, but after looking at several dresses with Ruth she came upon the
dress now hanging in her hotel room closet. It was a dark shade of blue, with
an empire waist. It was made of soft silk with a taffeta lining. The bodice was
snug and there were small gathered straps that went over the shoulders, so that
you could wear them small and skinny, or pull them so that they covered a
little more skin. The skirt, falling from just below her bust line, was
straight but not tight, so that she could still sit and be comfortable. Janie
envisioned it something Elizabeth Bennett would have worn to a ball with the
elegant and dashing Mr. Darcy. The zipper was under the left arm and wouldn’t
be a problem zipping up herself. One of the many things she missed about Robert
was not having him to do up her zippers, or unclasp a necklace.  She had tried
on the dress and Ruth assured her that the dress was positively perfect; it was
simple, yet dressy enough to pass even Tim Gunn’s inspection.
    At Bloomingdale’s she had found a pair of silver sling back
shoes and a small clutch that looked like they were made to go together. But
Janie had almost choked when she handed the clerk her credit card and charged
$983 to her Visa. She took the shopping bag and walked out of the store
suffering from a strong case of buyer’s remorse. That’s almost a mortgage
payment! she had thought. In fact it wasn’t far off their old payment.
Janie and Robert’s house had been paid off when he died, thanks to an additional
insurance policy Janie never even knew existed. He had taken care of them when
he was alive and well, he was still doing it now after he had died. He had made
sure that Janie and the boys would be

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