Fizzlebert Stump

Fizzlebert Stump by A.F. Harrold Read Free Book Online

Book: Fizzlebert Stump by A.F. Harrold Read Free Book Online
Authors: A.F. Harrold
her,’ he whispered. ‘I’m an impostor.’
    â€˜Mr Carvery,’ presumably-Charlotte said, raising her hand.
    Mr Carvery looked up from his desk where he was sipping from a mug.
    â€˜What’s she done now, Charlotte?’
    â€˜She’s being weird, Mr Carvery, and she won’t stop talking, and she’s copying me.’
    Mr Carvery sighed and made Fizz stand up and move to a table by himself that faced the wall in the corner.
    He slammed down some rough paper and a short, chewed pencil and said, ‘Just get on with it.’
    And so Fizz, not knowing what else to do, no closer to finding his way home, did as he was told. He’d had a good weekend, so he had plenty to write, and maybe this would be his chance to tell the truth and to get it heard.

    In which a teacher is upset and in which a girl has hay fever
    â€˜The first thing that happened was I got up and I did that because Mum was already making breakfast and there were crumbs getting in my bed. Then she said, “Fizzlebert. This is the best toast in the world it’s amazing toast,” because she was making toast and boast for breakfast because she likes rhyming food. Then I went outside with my dadand we lifted things up. Not straight away. First we did warming up by doing stretching, and
we lifted things up. He lifted a motorbike and a horse and I lifted a sea lion called Fish. He’s my friend and he likes fish. Then we had lunch in the Mess Tent with Bongo Bongoton and Dr Surprise and it was meatballs in a sort of red flavour sauce with custard for afters. There’s always lots of spare custard in the circus because—’
    â€˜Sit down!’
    Fizz’s hair riffled in the wind from Mr Carvery’s mouth.
    As he sat down he looked around the room.
    Everyone was staring at him and a lot of them had their mouths hanging open.
    Having just listened to John Jenkins talk about eating salad and to presumably-Charlotte talking about thinking about going to a museum the class had been electrified by Fizz’s story, or so he thought.
    â€˜I won’t have
in my classroom,’ Mr Carvery was shouting. ‘What’s important is what
actually happens
, all this made up stuff is useless. It fills your brains and dribbles out into the rest of your work. I won’t be having it.’
    He snatched Fizz’s sheets of paper out ofhis hand and tore them up.

    Fizz felt like picking the man up and holding him over his head, he was so angry. His muscles were rippling under the scratchy uniform, but he controlled himself. Doing something like that was a certain way to get into trouble. He had to be cool.
    â€˜What do you say?’ Mr Carvery said.
    â€˜I don’t know,’ said Fizz.
    â€˜Â â€œSorry”,’ said Mr Carvery, who was turning from red back to pink.
    â€˜Apology accepted,’ said Fizz.
    He hadn’t meant to say it. It just slipped out. As soon as it had gone past his lips he’d seen it and knew it was going to cause him trouble. If he’d had a magic lamp he would have rubbed it straight away, and taking thosewords back would have been his third wish (after ‘Seventeen more wishes’ and ‘A bigger caravan for Mum and Dad’), or maybe his fourth (after ‘Please take me home’ (although if he had had that wish he wouldn’t need to take his words back, except perhaps for just being polite)).
    Steam puffed from under Mr Carvery’s tracksuit and, without thinking, Fizz rolled out of his seat and under the table.
    In some of the school books he’d read teachers had canes or slippers or metre-long rulers and weren’t afraid of whacking kids who misbehaved with them. And although Fizz’s brain had a feeling that that didn’t happen any more, his body had decided it wasn’t taking any chances. It had rolled to safety without him even having to ask it. (It’s thissort of

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